Having spent many years working with inner energy work, I have been able to gain a broader picture on many twin flame experiences, specially those of twin flame runners.

We all have an idea of how we would like things to be with our twin flame… unfortunately this is rarely the case. Part of this is because we have to go through these challenges, not matter how pretty or ugly they are, in order for us to evolve.

Some people believe that we agreed to have many of these challenges, along with many of our enemies, long before we were even born. The belief that some of these people we don’t get along with, were meant to simply be part of our soul family in order for them to teach us along the way so that we may grow and evolve.

I can see how this view point can be useful at times. Yet, I see this view point more of a metaphor that deals with energy.

And I bring it up because when it comes to twin flames, exploring energy metaphors can really shed light on our twin flame journey. Not only on what is real, but on insights that can really help us along our journey.

If you have heard of me speak about the Law Of Duality before, the basic concept is that within us there is the dual energy of our ego self and our higher self.

And the reason why a twin flame might often run away and turn into a twin flame runner is that he or she is primarily operating from their ego self. This means that they are more driven by their ego, by looks, desires, and through their emotions.

This is how we are different from our twin flame runner.

We are able to view a twin flame not just from this perspective, but more importantly from the perspective of their higher self. This is the side that is universal, spiritual, and filled with graciousness.

And not to get too carried away in mysticism, this metaphor can simply mean that there is a side of our twin flame that makes them run away - this side being their ego self, while there is also hope that if they connect with us from the side of their higher self.

This might very well be when a twin flame connection happens through ascension towards a union of one.

Such a connection from a higher self perspective is not always possible because twin flame runners are usually on the defense, and with energy that is moving away and not towards a spiritual connection.

Yet you can simply begin to see things and envision such a connection with your twin flame from a higher self perspective.

Your higher self is about eternal love, devotion, gratitude, and many other good energies.

Higher vibrational energy exists within twins, and it is when both twins are in sync the this energy magnifies.

The secret of your twin flame running away is that they are acting out of their ego self instead of their higher self.

Remember that often times our twin will reflect the energy that we put out. If we put out energy from our ego self, then we might very well get that in return. Yet, if we operate from our higher self, then it might just strike the right cord with a twin flame runner… Perhaps even for a minute or two as they simply pause and ponder “what ifs…”

"What if there is truly a connection with this person?"

What if there is truly a connection of spiritual love and healing, graciousness, sincerity, inspiration, joy, kindness, and spiritual connection of twins?

Allow these vibrations to emanate from within, and soon enough the universe will reflect them back upon you.

Keep the faith.