What is a twin flame?

Twin flames are two souls who came from one single soul unit with both male and female aspects combined. From the beginning of time, the single soul unit was a unified energy from both its male and female part which then was split into two souls as they were left to venture on earth separately.

These two souls who were originally “one” are now what we call the twin flames, and it is left upon these two souls the chance to be able to reunite, and be one again with their twin during their whole lifetime.

What makes a twin flame relationship special?

A twin flame relationship is special and unique because it is something that is predestined. A twin flame relationship isn’t just typical physical attraction or physical love.

It is something on the spiritual level of attraction.

A twin flame, on several aspects, is just like a mirror of yourself. Twin flames have an undeniable kind of connection because they are literally connected with each other, being just originally made from a single soul. It is said that you can only feel the true meaning of “completeness” if you know or feel for yourself what a twin flame partner can really give to you.

A twin flame relationship is special in a way that it is something rare. Only a few people are lucky enough to meet their twin. At the same time, it is entirely possible.

A good place to start is with your own self assesment:

Have I already met my twin?

When or how could I meet my twin?

How will this change me?

What experiences would I like to have with my twin flame?

How a Twin Flame Relationship Develops:

Discovering your twin does not mean that a fairy tell like happiness will ensue foreverafter. A twin flame relationship does not come easy. Yes, it is a perfect relationship in its essence, but it has to go through certain spiritual stages in order for it to blossom. It needs to evolve and develop with equal effort from both partners before it can merge into that blissful state of reunion of oneness.

The stages of the twin flame romance are:

Stage one – Preparing the self

This is the stage before the actual meeting with your twin. This is the part where the twins are both still living their lives separately, gathering experiences, having different kinds of relationships, all for the preparation for the anticipated coming of your twin.

This stage is important because this is somewhat crucial for determining whether or not you are already prepared with yourself for the intensity of a spiritual union. The most common way the universe to prepare you is by giving you, or letting you both, experience different human relationships first, which also regarded as the Karmic relationships. These are the devastating kind of relationships that begin with strong beautiful emotions but end painfully. They are regarded as the practice stage from which both twin will learn and grow while they are separated.

It is during this stage that your desire to meet your perfect love develops. This is when you will begin to have mental images of your twin in your thoughs and even within your dreams. Your soul will begin to feel and sense the coming of your twin flame.

Stage Two – The Anticipated Meeting

This is the stage where the actual meeting of twins (in it’s incarnation) happens for the first time. The meeting perhaps will be in an unexpected setting. It can happen when you least expect a romantic encounter.

During this stage is when that magical feeling of attraction will emerge towards that person. It’s like you have suddenly recognized a stranger that you feel you have known from somwhere before. And it will give you that inner sense of “Oh, it’s you. Where have you been?”

Stage Three – Developing the Connection

After you both have experienced the undeniable pull from the first encounter, you both will experience more of these unexpected run-ins with each other. This is because you are being brought back together with some unusual synchronicity.

As you continue to interact with each other, you will begin to feel that connection towards them deepening. That sense of feeling that you have known this person for a lifetime,

Even your first conversation will feel so natural and will make you discover many similarities between you and your twin flame.

In just a short time span the feeling will easily intensify.

When some people become aware of this feeling they might be surprised, and even try to resist it.

Stage Four – Deeper In love stage

At this point, the twins have become a couple. Here they will begin to feel and understand deeper the meaning of a twin flame relationship.

This is stage when you both are becoming deeper in love, It will give you a sense of perfection. With the intense love, the intense connection - It will just seem and feel perfect in every possible way. You will then understand how this relationship is so different from any other relationship you’ve been through before.

This stage is only a glimpse of what a real reunion will be like.

The next stage will be a little tough for the both of you.

Stage Five – The Separation

After you’ve been in a relationship with your twin flame for a while, you will begin to notice that not all “intense feelings” are on the positive side. It is said that everything, every emotion is intensified between twin flames. The accumulated negativity and lower emotions can also resurface at this stage, and it is commonly very hard to go through especially when both twins are not much prepared for the sudden emotional ups and downs that are given by the “meeting” with your twin flame partner.

In this phase may come the splitting of the two into the “Runner” and “Chaser.”

At this point, one twin flame will take the role of the runner.

The runner is trying to avoid the partner, and tends to run away from the relationship because of the overwhelming and unconscious feeling of what is going on. He or she will feel like she is losing control and the feeling will begin to scare her. Usually the runner is the one who is more unprepared or less mature.

The other twin flame will then take the role of the Chaser.

In some level, the Chaser is more spiritually aware than the runner. He or she has more understanding on how to handle the relationship so she tries to chase after the runner. The chaser usually will get that instinct of what is really happening, feeling that this is just a tough phase to overcome, and that it will him her the “need” to chase in order to have a reuninon again.

This stage can differ between twin flame couples. Some may easily resolve this stage, and some will take up much longer in separation time. It depends on the preparedness level of both partners.

Stage Six – The Final Reunion

This is the stage when the split soul becomes one again.

After the separation, the twins will fully evolve, and are now fully aware of their spiritual reality. Both twins are enlightened, and free from all the past baggage. There will only be one sacred love, perfect harmony, sychronicity, and eternal bliss between them.

In this stage they will finally experience the “final reunion,” for this will be the eternal stage.

These are just the common stages that resonate between most twin flame couples. Each can differ for every twin flame couple.

I wish you both a strong bond that is able to overcome any obstacle or “stage’ that you may experience.. until you finally discover your own personal forever after.