The truth about Twin flames versus any other type of romantic encounters, even what some people call “karmic love” is that within the world of twin flames you are shown an universal healing-love process, with all the peaks and valleys of what a true relationship based on communal love is, and can become.

Within twin flames there is a thread of fabric from the cosmos, a timeless thread that connects our past lives, and propels us forward on our twin flame journey.

In the twin flame universe we come to the understanding that in order to prosper, and be at one with our true companion, our true love, we must first go through, and face a variety of loses. Some of these loses might me harsh, frequent, and take a toll on your heart, yet we know that after going through that process we will finally be one within our twin flame union. Within all the darkness there will be light.

And the question might be:  “well doesn’t everybody believe that? That we must face the darkness before we face the light?”

And the answer is unfortunately no. And this is something that affects most of us because we are raised in a society, with movies, and public opinion, in which we believe that true love is easy, and it just happens…  “once you wish upon a star.”

Many of us have wished upon a star… and nothing has happened.  Or worse… many bad things have fallen right onto us. Those of us that believe in the twin flame process, through the various stages, we understand that there is so much more than wishing upon a star, or just waiting for things to naturally occur.

We have sort of broken away from that norm that society has put upon us on how our most significant relationship should be.

Society encourages karmic relationships, and if that works for you then that’s great. If you are born in great wealth, looks, and charm, that easily attracts your one true love and soul mate then perhaps you don’t even need to be well versed in the world of twin flames. Unfortunately for most of us, this is not the case.  Or I should say fortunately, and here is why…

No matter how much you dislike your struggles and daily challenges…. It’s a gift. All those instances that drive you crazy, or you wish had never happened to you… are a gift to your spirit. You are given so much depth and knowledge on relationships  because of this— not karmic relationships, but relationships with other souls, and your world of energy widens, and ultimately your connection with the universe broadens. This is all possible because of all the challenges you have been through. Someone who has always have gotten everything on a silver platter does not know how significant those struggles are, and how much they have broaden our soul.

In a karmic relationship, just like in a twin flame relationship, you can again come across people you knew in past lives, but this is sort of an afterthought and not a process with various stages, such as being in a twin flame union. In a karmic relationship you can learn and grow spiritually from each other, but you are sort of leaving things up to chance, and not really pursuing a true awareness via frequencies with another soul, or the universe. You might feel those vibrations coming from the universe, and others, but it’s not a process of spiritual awareness in which you seek your ultimate connection with your twin, and with the universe.

Karmic relationships can mean a variety of things, depending on your interpretation, but one thing they definitely don’t mean is a twin flame relationship, one that lays upon the stages that you must go through in order to complete your union. And this a reflection of the universe because it has spaces filled with darkness amidst unique and shinning points of light.

In a twin flame relationship we go through the stages, often dealing with a twin flame runner, and we are able to utilize our inner spirit's vibrations to make a connection, bring upon ascension, and move into a 5D stage in which the universe recognizes those vibrations, becoming ever more stronger and advancing you in your divine path.

Our soul is a reflection of the universe, it explores that never ending darkness but within it, it is able to find light.  And those glimmering instances of light make up for all that is dark and void. So yes, through many of our loses are where our “wins” will finally emerge from. It’s almost as if it’s a calculated process…  with no losses there wouldn’t be any wins, any moments of healing, and ultimate glory.

And this is just a mere comparison between a twin flame relationship and a karmic relationship.  I will soon expand upon other important areas within these type of relationships.