The twin flame age gap is something that a lot of twin flames who are not in close proximity struggle to deal with, especially if there is an age gap that society doesn't condone.

What twin flames on the planet do not realise is the fact that you really do not need some sort of “age” to determine what is really in the picture, and how you feel about the other person. If it is an age gap where you can work towards, then the twins won't have an issue at all. However, if it is something where you find it is often quite challenging, then what traditionally happens is that the soul shock is even more pronounced because you can't seem to realise why something is happening and how to even process it.

So what happens when there is a gap between the twins and how do you look to resolve it?

Typically where there is an age gap between twin flames, it is because one is older and has a lot more to teach that the one who hasn't got all that much experience. It is also something of a spiritual relationship more than a physical one, because you both are constantly learning, healing, and progressing one another.

I am aware that it can feel very frustrating and annoying, however provided you are both over the legal age of consent, and within society's bounds of having an appropriate relationship, there should be nothing that stops you from being together if you have managed to work out your issues with the other. Except, this is often what the issue is and you will often struggle because the older twin flame or even the younger twin flame sometimes will put up all these barriers, and state them as reasons for why you both cannot be together.

In essence, with the twin flame runner there is always some sort of bizarre and strange barrier that comes up, and the feeling of always wanting to keep you at an arms length because the fear of losing control is so strong.

So what can be done in this situation?

As I psychically explained it to someone who was experiencing soul shock, the very concrete answer is nothing. You cannot change your twin flame to become someone who doesn't really want to take action, and change who they really are, as well as finding yourself in a situation where you desperately want to move them forward.

An age gap is something that a lot of ordinary non-twin flame couples have, and they can manage to work on it perfectly because there is no real clash or spiritual issues that come up in the picture. Try and be as emotionally open with your twin flame as possible to figure out what you can do to help and move the process forward. It will sometimes get very tricky and challenging, but there is absolutely nothing that can stop you from being open and honest, especially if you are living from an authentic soul connection as opposed to the one from your ego.

An age gap isn't something that you should worry about, as it can definitely be overcome, and is one of the least of your worries in a twin union. Although, I would add that a twin flame union is something that is not some sort of a “sprint” or something you jump into right away.

No matter how much you desire to jump into a relationship with someone, sometimes it is best to take things at a good pace, specially if you feel that an age gap would be something that will affect you.

Get to know your twin flame, what they are about, and ways in which they are just like you, and ways that you are both different. Sometimes when you allow a little bit of time to pass, many things come to surface and become more understandable.

Having the ability to develop a spiritual perception towards your twin flame, as you also move towards an area of self discovery, and seeing how both are a like, and different will give you a world of spiritual knowledge, as well as knowledge on how to best manage your twin flame relationship.

Twin flames are on a quest of self discovery, and anything you might perceive to be an obstacle – it’s good to find out for yourself just how much of an obstacle it can be, if it is an advantage, a disadvantage, or allow it time to see where it falls and how to best move forward.

The beauty of being a twin flame is not only in the destination but also in the journey along.