Not all twin flame unions actually work out, and you may even come to a point where you feel that your twin flame isn't moving quick enough for you. It is definitely not recommended that you wait around for someone to catch up with their ascension and you may just be in for a nasty shock if you do. Specially if your twin flame is actually cheating.

What can be done when you love your twin flame from your soul but the 3D mess just isn't seeming to catch up with you?

Many believers of twin flames say that twins can never really “cheat” on each other. They believe that the reason for this is because twins are always with each other in spirit at ALL TIMES. It's almost like not being with each other physically is sometimes a relief because you can really become overwhelmed (which explains why the runner runs, because of all the shock as well as overwhelm of the intense emotion that bubbles to the surface). Tempering yourself as you go along, will help you tremendously because that way you have the good sense to decide that, yes, indeed you can be with someone else in the world aside your twin.

My personal belief is that any human being can cheat on another human being if they are in a dedicated relationship, and one of them decides to mess around with someone else… regardless if they are twin flames or not. Humans are not perfect, we all have flaws – while some flaws can be forgiven…. others cannot.

It all depends on your relationship, your outlook upon that relationship, and how you decide to act when it comes to such issues such as cheating. At the same time, if you are not in a relationship with someone, and they are seeing other people… well, that’s not technically cheating, whether you believe they are your twin flame or not.

Overall I believe that just keeping things simple when it comes to twin flames is one of the best ways to go about it, in other words, don’t worry if you feel that your twin flame might be in love with someone else or not – if you are truly meant to be with this person… it will happen. Whether it takes a little while, or much longer than you thought.

When it comes to being awaken by twin flame spiritual consciousness

A lot of twin flames are well-meaning but not really looking to become awakened by choice (more like by force through the awakened one already) and struggle with the end result.

It is definitely difficult to decide what to do, especially when you feel torn heart wise.

What I have found is that it is best to design a life plan for what you choose...

Make a list of what makes your heart sing,  and ask yourself:

Is my twin flame willing to join me in this plan?

Does my twin flame wish to elevate his or her life, or would they prefer to stay asleep in low vibrational behavior where everything feels safe and comfortable for them?

One of the most challenging decisions that I have heard a twin flame ask is...

What if my twin wants to be with me and he or she comes at a time when I am happy with my soul mate?

Often times, this is a common situation, and you can stay friends with someone (mainly your twin flame) without embarking on something serious with them.

This is the point that delays a lot of spiritual growth for a lot of people.

Twin flames think that because they share the same soul, they are absolutely bound to each other. This is not true, and sometimes in life, your soul mate is a much better fit for you because you realize that the life that you wish to live is much easier lived with a soul mate for now… than with your actual twin flame.

Considering your twin flame is you, everything that irritates you about yourself, will irritate you about your twin. It is like arguing with them and ending up going around in circles, or worse of all – arguing with yourself in the mirror (at least that is what it feels like).

Your twin flame is part of your soul and spirit and therefore you are capable of having many mixed emotions with yourself when dealing with your twin, yet this is on a spiritual level.

Your twin might be going through some personal challenges and this will affect you, and vice versa. On an earthly level, as a human being – anyone can cheat on anyone, it’s just part of life, but I hope this is not a part that many of us will have to endure... and if we do: right the situation as soon as possible and move on. Not easy quit often but necessary.

The great thing about being in a spiritual relationship, one in which both twins dream and respect the universe, spirituality, and love above all, is that this takes your relationship to a whole new level. This makes your relationship with that special person develop a much deeper bond than most relationships. Most relationships today seem to be all to casual, filled with fluff, and deter after a while – hence once of the reasons they break apart.

If you are devoted to the universe, yourself, and your twin… that bond will last much longer than any other relationship under the stars.