One of the most challenging things about being a twin is that one of you can see the “happily ever after” thing that most people have trouble seeing.

Unfortunately, if you're the runner twin flame reading this as well as knowing your twin who is the runner, having this actual union—scares the hell out of you.

You may wonder why this is, and that's simply because, the feelings you have on a metaphysical level, are overwhelming. So how do you go about achieving a divine union with your twin, when you face so many difficulties ?

First, you need to acknowledge that you may never achieve a divine union with your twin.

We don't always get to join up with our twin in this life, no matter how much we may love them because your “normal” lifestyle, and goals may be exceptionally different. For example, my twin flame is accustomed to the traditional way of thinking and life, whereby you must work long hours for “stable” pay. I on the other hand—think it's a farce. I am crazy, bizarre in my approach and outlook to life as well as being an entrepreneur, and world traveller, meaning that our goals eventually would clash, because my vision is so broad and although my twin flame being well-educated and sharp---it wasn't enough. So, it isn't necessary that your twin is your absolute perfect match.

A lot of twin flames end their union due to obstacles in the way or there comes a point when you start thinking about your happiness independently. However, for a divine union; both of you must want to commit and to each other.

In order to be able to do so, it is important to be able to lay all your cards out on the table and ensure that you are indeed getting everything off your chest. One of the most insulting things being in front of your twin flame and them lying to you, is you KNOW they are lying and concealing their true feelings for the situation and for yourself. Sometimes, you just need to let them have it and sometimes, you need to call them out on their bullshit. It totally depends on the outcome that you desire.

One thing I can guarantee for sure is that you won't ever feel the need to NOT speak to each other again. My twin flame and I have had the most ridiculous and downright humiliating arguments with each other over the years but we bizarrely still can meet each other with a hug and a kiss because our souls know there is a bond and a connection deeper than just liking the other.

You can have a wonderful relationship and always have the deep unbreakable bond with your twin flame that can never be dismantled for life. So a divine union won't always be possible in this life however striving for excellence with your twin means open, honest communication at all times.