Before meeting your twin flame as well as during the duration of your relationship, our souls evolve at all points. Evolving to meet your twin flame includes a lot of spiritually conscious work that a lot of people on a very dramatical scale, seek to avoid. The shame of this is the fact being, until you have done this level of work---it is impossible for you to meet your TF.

So how do people subconsciously avoid meeting their twin flame?

To begin with, they use stimulants and intoxicants ranging from very high to low levels, for distraction.

What do we mean by this?

Things like tobacco, cannabis and alcohol lower our vibration from attracting what we choose to attract. The reason for this is because when it lowers our vibration, we are much more likely to be able to be susceptable to things such as anger and envy.

When we look on a vibration scale, what is very interesting is that we never get what we desire, rather we get what we feel. A prime example is when we feel low on money. You can have someone's bank account on next to nothing but if they FEEL relaxed about things, they won't stress and money will actually approach them faster. It is very ironic, however the same rule is used in Love.

Evolving with your twin flame is simple, provided that both of you are willing to do the necessary work that is required, in order to achieve it. It is about transcending the ego and knowing that you have a special connection, one that won't easily be broken because it isn't based on a shallow value.

Evolution comes not only magnetizing your twin flame through a vibrational match, rather looking at creating the initial vibrational awareness that is required, desired and essentially needed to retain them in your life.

Everything, as we know is energy on this planet, and what you are putting out---you receive in return! The best bit about this, is starting to really understand and learn how to be on a constant and stable when it comes down to attracting your twin flame. Possessing a hunger for knowledge, will tremendously help as well because the more you are made aware of, the more you are able to act accordingly.

It is exciting and nerve wracking to want to attract and retain your twin flame. If you choose to pursue this further, it is imperative to work on yourself to know when your twin flame appears and how to best communicate to them.

Evolution individually of the soul is an incredible thing and when you meet your twin flame, to be able to grow with them together, is a blessing. Remember, don't force your growth. Allow it to come organically and enjoy it when it does!