When it comes to merging with your twin flame, a lot of people often wonder how it is possible to have the deep connection on a physical level without your twin flame running away from you.

Merging with your twin flame happens the moment you meet, however what is remarkable is that merging can often take years (in most instances, it does) because what happens is each twin takes their own journey and very much has the propensity to learn at their own speed.

What leads to a twin flame merge?

The twin flame journey is generally learning how to be yourself and love yourself no matter what comes your way.

This is often the most difficult thing for someone to be able to come to terms with because the yearning and soul craving for your twin flame is something that is beyond description, and beyond words.

What is very interesting is that the reunion often comes about when you least expect it, and when you are actually feeling whole and happy after healing yourself.

Twin flames go through the most intense pain in order to prepare themselves for the union eventually. There is no point of thinking of a merge if all you ever want to do is fight with your twin flame and have them fight with you as well.

Remember that in order to have this merge with your twin flame, you need to be able to be at one with yourself.

How you feel about yourself is directly how you will be feeling about them as well. If you are angry with yourself, you are angry with them as well. In order to have a merge, there will be a lot of unsettling emotions that come to the surface, and it is up to you to be able to be clear on how you wish to deal with them. There is no point of running away from your emotions, so as an awakened twin flame it is best to simply deal with them head on.

As you find yourself purging more and more, you almost make your connection with your twin flame even more potent because you are clearing for them as well.

Which is a beautiful gift to give your twin flame.

Ultimately all your clearing, healing, and peace work, is done for self and because it is done for your own soul, your twin flame reaps the benefits of it as well.

The merge can only come about when you approach your twin flame from a 5D soul perspective as opposed to the 3d ego perspective in which both of you quite often will be fighting.

So what can you do to prepare yourself for it?

Work on healing yourself.

We all have sticking points and emotional wounds that hurt deeply, and twin flames generally have a lot of psychic baggage to clear out that takes its time.

When you are finally willing to let go of the compulsive need to always physically be with your twin flame, you will actually find them chasing you. So in essence, you become the runner and they become the chaser.

The notion that the runner might one day become the chaser might not even be conceivable for some people, but you have to look at things from an universal perspective, and away from an earthly time line that often bounds our limitations and expectations.

Perhaps you won’t be with your twin flame in this life time, perhaps you will, but keeping focus on your own self, your own healing, and your own journey will greatly reward you for all the good that you do… once you move towards 5D which is the spirit in which many amazing things happen.

We all have obstacles and challenges to overcome, some of our personal obstacles and challenges seem a lot greater than what others might have, yet nothing ever stays the same – things will change.

If you are looking to further merge with your twin flame, focus first on merging your own self within 5D. Inhibit the spirit of being detached from a 3D ego like process and heal yourself into a journey that will be more rewarding.

This merging with your twin flame will happen, yet it is a journey within yourself by which get there, a journey that might seem counter intuitive, but deep inside, you already know what needs to take place and you will allow yourself, and not get in the way of yourself, to allow that healing and growth to occur.

Your twin flame merge journey is there for you to activate. Start today.