One of the most challenging things about being a twin flame is the fact that you don't quite get to have a logical say on why what happened, and the outcomes of it. Having a twin flame reunion is the wish of many twins, however you must be really prepare for the final decision of the other twin, something that may not always be so savory.

So how does it work ?

How do you get a reunion without stepping on your twin flame's shoes?

Remember that you and your twin flame both have a say in what happens when it comes to getting back with each other. It becomes tiring as well as tedious if you're the one chasing after your twin flame and they aren't really coming back to you, with anything.

Understanding that the connection is only of souls and may not be mental (although, most likely would be there), helps facilitate the understanding.

On a deep soul level, yes you will find that there will always be the bond, however in real life—you both may be very different people. This doesn't mean that you won't or can't stay in touch with the other, ironically you probably will.

Creating a union often means that BOTH of you are aware that something needs to shift in your dynamic before you are able to proceed.

So what can you do to further this along ?

Have an honest and candid discussion about what is really bothering you both on a deep surface level, without lying to each other. The runner twin will often feel very overwhelmed at what he or she feels for you, and will want to bail, however if they are serious about seeking help and wanting a committed relationship, then they will stay. Other times, it may become a little overwhelming for them and they will want to run. Either way, it does really help that you're understanding of the entire situation.

A twin flame reunion isn't so much about the awkwardness that exes have when they get back together. Twin flames usually just fall right back into each other's arms with ease and grace with high levels of affection and lust combined, because of their soul connection. 

The reunion isn't the hard part, it is the pinning the runner twin down to discuss something without bailing as fast as a thief in the night would.

Staying friendly with your twin flame will greatly help further along communication lines, so if things aren't happening as immediate as you would, then ensure that you just keep speaking to them. They may run hot and cold however you need to work out, if you really can live with your twin in this life ,or it's better to have a special place in your heart for them, and just let them go.

The choice is totally down to you.