As a twin flame, your journey is never easy and nor is it simple to describe to another person. You go through many highs and lows that purify your spirit, in order to have you reunite with your flame. 

Reunion is simply the coming together of the both of you, as twin flames are seen to be the same soul frequency of each other. 

It is tempting to wonder “have I done enough on my part to reunite with my twin flame?” and the answer is always to focus on yourself and keep elevating yourself. 

However, one of the key factors that many people including yourself may miss out when it comes to their twin flame reunion, is that they have to prepare themselves, at a heart level. 

The heart has its own type of intelligence that a twin flame cannot ignore, because that is where you are connected to that individual, from. 

Twin flames connect from both the heart chakra and the hara chakra, which is slightly below the heart. It is a mix of pink and green light that flows from one individual to the other and it is this channel that requires openness, which allows the energies to begin flowing through. 

During the duration of our lives, we have less than savoury or pleasant experiences. As the experience passes, we begin building walls around our heart area comprised of different emotions that get trapped in our system. Emotions such as abandonment, insecurity, worthlessness, confusion, sadness, --- all end up trapped in a specific chakra and corrupt the natural free-flowing energy that is meant to travel from one chakra to the next. 

It is important to understand that reunion systems are actually two fold in nature. Firstly, you will have a sense of pleasant openness to life. An openness that allows all good things to come towards you because you are open to receive. 

Your twin flame shows you many things about yourself and one of the biggest things that you are often shown, is the blocks you may have, to receiving. 

In society, you’re often taught that receiving good things and expecting to receive, is laced and tainted with confusion and shame. Part of healing the twin flame fracture, is actually allowing good things in, including your actual counterpart. 

The second pointer is detachment. 

Many people are lacking in love for their own self, and hence they focus on their counterpart, incessantly. Detachment is basically a polarity issue. It is not a positive or a negative. It is akin to driving a car in neutral. It allows for things to go smoothly as they are required and detachment is one of the final stages of reunion. 

Opening your heart is a key factor to detachment, and it is one of the best ways forward to allow you to be in receipt of all great things destined for you.