The twin flame runner ego is something that every 5D twin gets tired of.

Whilst some female twins have this ego, it is often reported that the male twin carries this often. We live in a world marred and entrenched in power struggles and awash with ego. Most men carry a status anxiety burden on their shoulders and cannot surrender to their feelings, because society has explictly told them that doing so would mean that they are “weak”. And no man likes to feel that way.

So what exactly goes on with the Twin runner's ego and how can you deal with it?

Firstly, you should know that all the front that they are putting on, is coming from keeping the status quo and keeping things as they are. They feel that this is a “normal” relationship and hence try and use normal rules.

The trouble is the fact that twin runners do not know that the sacred twinship is actually called Heiros Gamos in Greek – meaning “Sacred Marriage”.

This means it is marriage of the souls and is permanent in this life and beyond. They will most likely respond from their ego, until something begins to shift within them and they begin to move from their heart. Responding from their heart is a challenging thing for the runner twin because it forces them to FEEL. Which is something they would rather not do, because it is exceptionally painful. On one level, even the awakened twin would rather not feel their feelings because they are so deep and can really leave a lasting and cutting impact.

You will know when your twin is speaking from ego or speaking from love.

The unawakened twin is often speaking from ego because they are desperately trying to put up a barrier between yourself and them. The reason for this is that they don't want to feel all those deep emotions that make them feel so out of control because they pride themselves on logic. What they are not seeming to understand is that how as a person who is steeped in logic, can fall so hard and so deeply in love with someone out of nowhere. The thought of that doesn't follow the traditional courtship rules as normal relationships do, so they freak out, panic, and slam the brakes on before it becomes too late.

When your twin is coming from ego, receive it politely and excuse yourself.

It can be exceptionally draining to have your twin lie to you about something but their energy field is giving you a whole different story. They are living deep in ego and battling with their own power struggles each day because it is exceptionally painful to know the truth somewhere deep inside and then continue to live a lie.

Just know that your twin flame who is currently living in ego, is living in a lot of pain, and the pain is so incredibly deep that they don't know what to do with themselves. It is exhausting, frustrating and tiring.

Until your twin flame decides to wake up for themselves, it is not your responsibility to help them get their love and spiritual house in.