Twin Flame Tarot Card readings is something that a lot of twins actually ask for, especially when they are looking for clarity in their life and what they truly want with their twin flame.

The runner twin is not often someone that is open with their emotion and the awakened twin is desperately left wondering what they want, and how to go about getting it. The typical cards that often show up with twins are the 2 of Cups and the Lovers card. What is interesting about these cards is that they both denote a beautiful divine connection, and something that is ordained via God.

A lot of twins actually realize that their spiritual gifts start to show up and they become rather psychic.

Understanding the fact that a tarot reading is able to give you the clarity and the perspective to be able to find out how you feel, and what is next for you in the future, is second to none.

Many twin flames use the tarot, as well as learn the tarot, because traditionally when it comes down to spiritual awakening, twin flames often feel that they are learning so much from each other on a constant basis.

How can the tarot help you, and what can you do to make it better for yourself ?

The tarot is a guide and a divination tool to be able to give you the clarity on how to proceed with your life. It gives you the feeling of knowing direction and where you think you are headed towards.

Often times when people pull cards for twins, you can see the anguish that comes up. It is quite difficult for twin flames to see that far ahead in their life, however what is important is that the cards always tell a story, and it is a story that very much enables them to see how their union will progress.

Tarot cards always tell a fantastic story because when you read the cards, there are tiny symbols and things that will elude you into what is going on into your twin flames life, as well as yours. Always know that when there is divine timing, your twin will head back towards you, and will be feeling that they have completed their mission towards you more than anything.

What you need to understand about Twin flames tarot card readings is this 

The tarot is an amazing instrument for those that have developed a bond of growth, and clarity with them. Tarot cards are an instrument in a way that it pulls in energy from a timeless universe, and connects that energy with your own. And just like a piano, or guitar, it varies on how the bond, and experience, you have with that instrument. It can be a beautiful experience to get advice from tarot cards, yet there will be ups and downs because nothing is perfect when it comes to divinity and clairvoyancy. Take dream energy and dream premonitions for example, many of them will be astoundingly accurate, yet it takes perseverance through your journey to know how to fully interpret and dial in those readings.

Contrary to popular belief, tarot readings do not begin with the cards… it all begins with your frequencies that you emit, and being able to connect and sync those frequencies to a singular point that contains the past, present, and future – all into one.

Allow your frequencies to connect with your universe, your twin flame, and show that through a tarot reading… or even a dream that you might soon have.

A point that has really helped me is in having references to develop those skills. A reference can be anything you learn from and experience (such as this blog Twin Flames Secret).

With spiritual references you develop your clairvoyant energy, and when you connect it to your own energy, and sync it with your frequencies thats when the universe begins opening up to seek a deeper connection. Not that the universe requires this, but this is a path of awareness to bond with the universe, with your twin flame, and ultimately yourself.

And dreams, or tarot cards, are great instruments to express those frequencies.