Many people have questions about twin flame telepathy and how it actually works. Considering the fact that a genuine twin flame will always have natural psychic ability, being able to tune into your twin when you need to, will be part of your journey.

Telepathy is simply the normal human ability of being dialled into the universe and receiving answers through the gift of Clair cognizance. Information simply downloads into your head and you allow it to flow through you.

Telepathy also has a strong base in the heart chakra. The heart chakra, is the first chakra that struggles to remain open in a world where we are consistently exposed to rejection, anguish, sadness, and, confusion. A genuine twin flame has a star gate connection open, meaning that even if your actual counterpart does not have his or hers open – you will recognise them.

Telepathy will allow the “thought cords” to go back and forth between yourself and your counterpart, and will allow the triggers to naturally surface, so that you can deal with them as they come up. A times on some days, the presence of your twin flame will be exceptionally strong and whatever comes through the connection, will require you to work through the blocks, so that you are able to connect with yourself further.

You are able to feel the thoughts, desires, and, emotions of your twin for most of the time and they are able to feel, sense, and, tune into you. All twins are connected via the heart chakra and the little known chakra above the heart, which is the hara chakra.


In the Heart Wall Clearings, that I created; both of these chakras are completely cleared for you – allowing you to access more of your heart intelligence and allowing your radiance and beauty to shine. When you have access to what more of life itself has to offer, you will feel more. Feeling is the key to your connection with your twin. Words are often quite limiting when it comes to expressing all your thoughts, hence being able to place yourself into a space where you can freely connect with your twin, is life changing.

So how can you enhance your telepathy?

Learn to meditate more and allow yourself to be in receptivity of what messages come to you.

We’re living in a world where you are told to disconnect from your intuition and give your power away, opening and healing your heart is able to place you right back on track, so you are clear, fortified, and, nourished.

Intuition is like a muscle, the stronger it becomes, the more you are able to use it to press ahead with life. In your connection with your twin, intuition is imperative and necessary to use!

By Nadia Arain