In the simplest observation about twin flames it is that it’s pure energy, a spiritual inner energy that often times is unexplainable yet, something that we deeply feel.

For most of us, we begin this journey not knowing where it is going to lead, and often times feeling confused as to how we got to where we are, and where it is that we will eventually end up. But that is not the worst part…

If you have gone through the twin flame experience, either dealing with a real twin flame, a soul mate, or simply someone you admire, one particular thing is that…

It’s an unpredictable journey in which we learn as we go along, and quite often we learn the hard way. Some of us ponder over and over questions such as…

What if I could go back and do things differently?

What if I could have done, or said something differently?

Could I have had a different outcome?

We might beat ourselves over certain things that we have done…. perhaps some that led to our twin flame being a runner, or simply things that led our twin flame to not developing a connection with us.

But before you feel any sort of remorse, realize that we are in the learning stages of our twin flame journey. The real twin flame test is not about knowing the answers to the questions in some sort of test, but rather…

It’s more about a journey of energy in which the answer already exist.

In a way our destiny is already written, but realize that our inner energy lies within the duality of the universe, and we are a part of that.

It means that this is ultimately about the journey, a journey that magnifies energy, but also one that would not truly exist if it wasn’t for you or your twin flame. In other words, destiny is like a vehicle that will lead you to your destination, but you still need to be the driver of that vehicle. And you might take a detour, or go through uncharted territory, yet ultimately you will get to your final destination which consists of the bonding into one true twin flame union.

I wanted to write this article “twin flame test explained” not so I could give you some sort of list of how to test yourself, or your twin flame, about whether you are meant for each other or not. No written test could ever give you the answers that your heart and soul can provide.

The ultimate twin flame test lies upon your energy, and how you travel towards the journey within.

So what is the real twin flame test about?

This brings me back to the point of how at times we wish we could go back and change things… which implies that we regret something we did or said, or we regret the hand we got dealt.

Understand this… The past, present, and future, is part of a journey all within one. Just like you and your twin flame are one within the universe.

You and your twin flame are the journey. You and your twin flame are the test and the answer all in one.

You and your twin flame are the light and darkness as one… this is all part of duality.

Don’t regret the past or fear the future…. Both are the true tests and answers in energy form. Once we let go of fear, anxiety, and energy blocks… and once we see it all as one, we will begin to further ascend with our energy.

A healing light already exists with you and your twin flame in harmony.

And that is why I wanted to talk about twin flame test explained because nobody else or anything else can provide the questions and answers that you and your twin flame already inherit within your energy of duality.