What is really interesting about the whole Twin Flame scenario, especially when it comes to the 11:11, is that when you start to spiritually awaken, you come to a point where by default you start to see these numbers everywhere.

So what do they actually mean and why do they keep showing up?

11 is essentially a master number and a number that is of duality. You and your twin are very much of duality and the parallel of the number will always serve to remind you of this.

A lot of lost and lonely twins think that their twin will never come back to them, but when this number shows up—it is the Universe asking you to put the trust and the faith that no matter what, your twin will always find their way back to you.

Each time you start to feel that there is a number 11:11 pop up in terms of clocks or even looking at the time, it is the reminder from the Universe that you and your twin are always in Divine alignment and feel that thing simultaneously and together.

Always make a note that your twin feels exactly the way you do, and although it is tempting to think that your twin would never feel the way you do, deep inside they also feel that pull and happiness when they speak to you above anyone else.

This number or time shall we say, is a sign for you to always keep strong with your twin flame alignment, and also to your spiritual path as well because it is important that you will feel that you are strong and ready to receive the love of your twin flame.

So why 11:11 with the whole twin flame thing?

Well, simply put what is ironic is that when we start to spiritually awaken, we feel strong, motivated and dedicated to a cause bigger, better and greater than us. 

We seem to know that things just flow, no matter how difficult they may seem at the time and they will fall into good place, all in due time. 11:11 is the perfect reminder that you and your twin flame are one soul, just shared by two bodies—something if you are communication terms with your twin flame with, will definitely confirm for you.

Your twin might be the brightest spark out there and the most charming person but when it comes to you, would feel tongue tied, shy and really doesn't know what to say, because of the deep, soulful feelings they hold for you.

Lots of new twin flames start to wonder why 11:11 keeps flashing up in their life, and that is simply because the Universe loves to keep sending us reminders that we are very much in tune with the divine mirror of love, happiness and depth of our own unique twin connection, something that is a gift from our Creation. 

The synchronous aspect to 11:11 shows that you and your twin flame are one. It is during this moment when you see or think about this number that your energy syncs with that of your twin in a universal level. It syncs to simply remind you the universe is aware that the two of you are part of the same soul union.

11:11 is something to be celebrated and seen as special, rare and in essence, perfect because it is. When you see this special number, remember that you are well looked after by the Creator and also by your twin flame.

What are the origins of 11:11 within your spirit?

When you first begin becoming aware of the number 11:11 either in your daily life, or in dreams, it’s because this is the time during this lifetime that you are become aware of your universal energy and twin flame. It’s signaling you in a way that is letting you know that in fact your twin flame does exist.

It is during this moment that your spiritual energy begins to grow, as you become more aware of the powers you have within. This can happen at any time in your life… from childhood, to adolescent, to later years in life.

During these certain moments that you begin seeing 11:11 is when your spiritual energy is at it’s peak. You can use these moments to attain answers to any questions you might have, and to allow your energy to grow.

You will start seen certain numbers at certain intervals with your life. 11:11 is the number of spiritual awareness and growth.

Allow these moments in your life to grow and make new discoveries in your twin flame journey.