Twin Flames often have the uncanny feeling that something special is going on with them, without them really understanding what is often happening in the picture, specially when it comes to numbers.

They feel the same inexplicable strong pull toward the other twin flame - the compulsive sexual attraction and potent chemistry that they themselves will admit, have never felt with another person. And oddly, some how both of them start to see mysterious numbers pop up the more they realize their full spiritual awakening.

So what is the deal with the numbers and what part do they play in the twinship that twin flames are famous for?

The number that twin flames are most famous for, is the 11:11.

Based on the fact, that twin flames actually share a soul, it is the master number of duality and parallel events.

It is the sign from the Universe that something indeed is at play here, and they are part of a larger picture than themselves, and a part of a twin flame union. They can also start to see numbers crafted in the Fibonacci spiral, another sign of your twin connection.

Numbers play a huge role as known in numerology, and twin flames know this very well about each other.

Twins would never do something to deliberately hurt each other because their connection to the other, is far too precious and sacred for them to think of any different. Understanding that the Universe, is always on your side when it comes to TF numbers, is key here.

A lot of master numbers, like 11 and 22, are a huge sign for Twin Flames. With all the battles that comes up emotionally, sometimes even the tiniest sign gives a twin flame hope that their twin hasn't left, or abandoned them for good, and that they love them now, tomorrow and forever. This heralds true, especially if you haven't spoken to your twin flame for a while, or if you aren't on speaking terms with them.

The smallest of signs we often find, come in numbers and what better way to be walking down the street and to be reminded that your twin connection is going strong.

I used to see 11:11 on chip packets and clocks wherever I went, and the more I realised it was staring me in the face, the more spiritually aware I become as a person – and not to mention as a twin flame. Rapidly, after I met my twin in a few years, I uncovered most of my Divine Spiritual formatting in human form, and how I am here on the planet to help others unconditionally with Wisdom.

Lots of twins currently feel very confused, ambiguous and lost in regards to if their twin even feels a smidgen of what they feel inside.

From experience, I can tell you that for some twins it can take many years before they even crack their shell and respond to their twin, and finally accept and mention how they feel towards their other half, and to realize what stage they are in. Perhaps your twin is in the twin flame runner stage and does not know it yet, or perhaps your twin is in denial of being a twin flame runner.

Whatever the case might be, and whatever stage your twin flame finds himself/herself in, realize that with time their views will change.

Even though your twin might have spiritual energy orbiting around them, it might take them some time for them to finally become aware of such energy, and then begin the process of allowing that energy to connect with them.

That energy orbiting around them, and even within them, has always been there… just like you have always been spiritually there for your twin flame, yet it might take some time for those frequencies of energy to finally connect.

Once there is that connection…. You are one step closer in your stages to a twin flame union as one.