Twin Flames are a spiritual pair because of the instant and deep love that they feel towards each other, often a direct result of all the past lives that they have encountered.

The more past lives you have been in together, the more you will end up recognising each other. My twin flame and I have known each other across countless dimensions, so when we met—the comfort levels were ecstatic. We are so comfortable with each other, it's like coming home when we hug.

The ironic thing about past lives is the fact, that if someone has signed a soul contract with you, stating that they will be part of your life, they will come into your life in some sort of shape or form. None of this is more evident that your own twin flame.

Interestingly in conversation and remarkably on the first date, my twin started to speak about reincarnation and past lives, and it amazed me because it flowed out so calmly. With your twin flame, the past lives are so deeply linked that they end up spilling out into this one with effect.

Past lives also may carry very deep themes of the runner and the chaser as well as repeating patterns of trauma, abandonment and abuse on some direct or subliminal levels.

Past lives often become clearer, the more you turn to things such as meditation, automatic writing and channeling.

In one of my past lives, my twin flame and I were supposed to get married and my twin left me three days before our wedding. I was very young and my twin was very young man as well— and dreamed of a life away from an overbearing commitment. I always had the nagging feeling I was supposed to be married to my twin in this life time (and who knows, I might end up doing so!), so when I hopped back on the chronological timeline into our past lives, it turns out we had a few past lives we actually were married in!

All in all, when you think of twin flames and past lives-they have an incredibly deep element of soul recognition and knowing which makes the dynamic often so overpowering and overbearing for both the twins, irrespective of how enlightened they may be.

Even though one of the twin flames may not be awakened yet, you will often find that they do end up mentioning something that can totally throw you off for a loop. I remember when my twin mentioned things from our past lives that completely made no sense. My twin flame's 5D self was coming through, which often doesn't—and I decided to listen carefully.

Understanding that we both had many past lives to stem from, was the start of our beautiful twin flame journey.