In this introductory article I will share more with you on twin flames and planets. A lot of people seeking out their twin flame, first and foremost need to be as aware as possible.

Awareness creates the void that we seek to fill out desperately, and only through really processing that desperate feeling, do we understand that we need to fill ourselves with self-love first.

Self-love is the trickiest thing to master because there are large parts of every single human being that loathe and detest ourselves for not being “perfect.

It is rather a shame that the image pushed on us through both the media and society tells us that we need to have everything put together, and any flaw is a negative flag against us.

Part of meeting your twin is knowing that they will probably rip apart any layers of denial that you may have put up around your heart, using your ego.

Now you may be thinking, how exactly do twin flames and planets come into effect with this?

Planets actually have virtually everything to do with our lives, except that Astrology isn't readily used in our modern life. A lot of people don't think of things like Saturn Retrograde which especially hits men when they are 29. This makes a lot of men question their lives and wonder where they are going.

If a man is looking for a twin flame connection, he is best advised to be firmly in the throes of 30, to even think of when he will be stable enough for a relationship. A lot of men may meet the right woman but don't always have the fortitude to hold the relationship down, leaving the woman distraught and confused.

One of the most accurate ways to look at someone's love life, and most especially, an evolved individual's life, is through their Venus return chart.

A Venus return is when the planet Venus goes back into your birth chart at the very time you were born. Corresponding with the rest of the planets, it gives accurate insight into how your love life may unfold over the next 6-12 months.

When Saturn is your chart, it is very challenging to find love, never mind trying to find Twin Flame love through reading of the planets.

It is said that one of the best ways to attract a twin flame partner to you, is to use a Soulmate Love Seal, that is often designed using a magical seal, and encoded numbers that are specific to your chart using the Bne Sepharim method.

Activating the seal means getting up at dawn and chanting a prayer to Aphrodite to allow you to meet the right person. However, there is a catch with the seal. It will attract all the wrong people to you at first, because it turns you into a shining beacon of light. Only your twin flame will truly appreciate this light and they will be the only person that sees it correctly.

Provided you use the Venusian Planetary Seal as well as keep doing work on yourself, it is guaranteed that you will come across your twin flame.

Another choice is to simply meditate and vibrate your energy out, and feel the zodiac universe, twin flame planets, and your soul mate within you. The only catch is that you need to let go of any preconceived notions of meeting them.

When it is time and place to meet them, you will.