It might be a deep connection the way thoughts are exchanged between you and this person, or it can be as simple as finishing each other's sentences, or even coming up with the same though and expressing vocally at the same time.

This is a vibrational energy that exists and connects with people when they are within the same frequency. This vibrational frequency exists much deeper within twin flames.

Twin flames and telepathy is something that goes hand in hand - perhaps it may be dormant through your subconscious but it will make itself present in many ways.

Here are some ways in which telepathy can exist between twin flames:

  • You dream of that person, and the dream seems so deep and real. Your twin, wherever that person might be, also has a similar dream of you.
  • You are reading a book, or listening to a song, and you get a strange feeling as if someone else is in the room with you. You might be alone but the energy that your twin sends is so strong that it can't be ignored.
  • You might be stuck in traffic, or stuck waiting somewhere, you close your eyes and you feel an energy that calms you down. You connect with that energy and you send out that same feeling of calmness into the universe.
  • If you know your twin in real life, perhaps you call him, or text him, at the same random time your twin is also calling or texting you.
  • If you talk to your twin flame you share a random thought of visiting a far away place, and your twin has the same thought and was just about to mention it to you. You might be the twin who was just about to mention these thoughts therefore you know this energy does exist.

Telepathy is much more than that, and it arrives in such mysterious ways, yet these are some simple examples of how it can be shared with your twin flame. 

Realize that as humans, and as a twin flame, we are evolving and we are just scratching the surface of what our true potential will be. Telepathy is also evolving, and it's something that will radiate more as our soul connects with that universal energy.

The beauty of having a twin flame is that you both learn and grow with the same energy that is evolving; such as telepathy. It's an outer universal energy that we connect with, it's not something we create or can manipulate. It's almost as a gift that the universe transcends to us, and to our twin flame. And this is the true beauty of being in a twin flame communion - we are given such wonderful gifts from the universe from which we both can enjoy together, even when twin flames are not together and miles apart.

The subtleness of the universe and the way it transcends certain energies to both twin at the same time is magical. We are not only able to share this energy with the universe but with our twin flame as well. It doesn't have to be just about telepathy, but this is just one of the energies that we are gifted as twin flames, and one that we understand.

Twin Flame telepathy is still evolving and I will be writing more on this matter in the near future. For now just understand that feelings are shared on a subconscious level, when we set them out into the universe and do so with full hearted intensions.

The kindness we put out will resonate within our heart, and within the hearts of others... and it might just be within the heart of our twin flame, wherever they might be.