Meeting your twin flame is something that is high on a lot of spiritually conscious people's minds.

There does come the chance when we meet someone and we think “hmm..I may have met the one” and your destined twin flame DEFINITELY sparks that up in you instantly, however things can break off as soon as they start, and you are left wondering what just happened.

There are a few very strong signs that you have met your twin flame, based on how you connect with each other, as well as how you come across when you argue.

See if any of this relates to you, and you will know that you are well on your way to that special twin flame connection.

The first sign of meeting your twin flame is surprisingly not attraction—it is comfort.


The second sign is lucid dreaming of your twin flame.

There comes a point where you may not be in touch with your twin flame in real life, or be even on speaking terms, but you discover them in a dream in which they get in touch with you, and communicate with you through that dream.

Some of these dreams you will never forget due to the intensity in which they feel so real. A look, a touch, a caress, a kiss - these interactions in a dream will heighten your emotions, and even your feelings towards that person during that dream... and even after you awaken from that dream.

The third sign is very high levels of physical affection and attraction.

One of the reasons a runner twin flame stays away from the conscious twin is because of the overwhelming feelings of love and sexual desire when they are nearby. It isn't logical, it isn't even emotional, and it makes no sense.

This person may not even be your physical type but you'd probably dream about them constantly and feel such passion like you never felt in a dream before.

The passion is so intense, people around you can see it. And by passion, I mean eye contact (behave yourself in public!). It's smoldering, deep and hungrily intense.

The sex will be incredibly satisfying because it is a soul connection, and very exceptionally passionate, sexual, affectionate, and lusty-rolled up all into one.

The last sign is how you both respond after an argument.

Twin flames can say super hurtful things to each other, and really cut deep, however there will never be a time when you both feel that you'd never speak to each other again in your life. Soon after, in true twin flame fashion, all seems to be mysteriously forgiven and you both can happily speak to the other as though nothing went wrong!

These are some of the signs you have met your twin flame. You many read through this blog for other similar signs, interactions, and how our energy vibrates amongst our twin flame.

Overall we all need to realize that our journey is ever changing, and although sometimes we may feel that things are written in the stars already, there is still that element of surprise that life throws at us. And we are left to wonder: "but I though things were already written on the stars, that things have been predestined?"

This is almost as if destiny is written yet in could be re-written. Sort of like the Ying and Yang of the universe.... or the twin flame of the universe.

It's good to see and read the signs in our stars, yet those virtual answers we get and we live by can also grow and morph to fit our upcoming journey.

My best advice is to read the signs along your journey yet live in the moment, and allow the universe to connect with you.