A lot of people struggle with long distance relationships because you don't always have the luxury of getting to see your partner or twin flame, as they may be based in another city or country.

Nowadays, technology seems to bring us closer together, so a long distance relationship doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t have a strong bond that is growing between you and your partner, instead of breaking away in silence. The key is keeping the lines of communication open, and allowing your twin flame energy to vibrate through those lines.

It is ironic that amongst twin flames there has always been a certain kind of invisible energy that they transmit to one another, and in this day and age, modern technology creates a dual energy of communicating

primarily through the internet and related apps. In other words, that energy that we have used to communicate via dreams, vibrations, and remote viewing, is being facilitated by technology that creates and develops that environment and space, to bond with one another.

Long distance relationships need to have a very strong element of power, loyalty, trust and understanding. Also, you spend so much time apart from the other that fighting and arguing often seem pointless.

The thing about long distance relationships is you never quite know when the other person is going to fall out of love with you. However, with your twin flame—you always know that you have this person who is practically the other part of your soul.

You should always remember that no matter what, and where, you are—you are connected to your twin. For many years, I was broken up with my twin (as in we weren't together) and he never stopped loving me and vice versa. The thing about a twin flame relationship is the fact that it doesn't matter where you are in the world, let alone not even speaking to the other twin, you are always next to one another. Hence, to carry out a long distance relationship is actually quite simple.

Firstly, it is great that you ARE in a relationship with your twin flame. However, the time frame of it completely depends. It may be that you have just met the other and live in different places, or you have been through the turbulent separation that every twin flame goes through with their other half (literally). Whatever the situation may be, it is important to remember that good communication is the cement to all relationships.

Although your “relationship” on the surface may die and look like dead on the outside, a twin flame connection can never die. Even when you spiritually have all your negative cords cut, it is impossible for it to die. This is because the other twin flame is the literally soul part of you. Hence, it is pointless to think of cheating on your twin flame or doing anything stupid to them, because you are going to only end up causing yourself pain in the long run.

What is interesting is that a lot of twin flames often DO spend time apart in soul growth and evolution to prepare them for their final union and destiny together. All twins awaken, one is usually quite drastically later than the other. However, if they are meant to be together—long distance or not, they will be together.

It is all a matter of time, but what often happens is that people grow so desperate to want things to happened now that they end up messing up their state and energy. It is no longer about a blossoming relationship, and one twin can take the balance off the scales in a destructive manner… or perhaps further separation happens when one twin loses interest.

Overall, having a healthy balance is necessary for a long distance relationship between twin flames.

And in a way, all relationships between twin flames are long distance as they both twins need to go through various stages until finally a true union of love. Just because you are physically close to your twin, does not mean that the love and romance is not distant.

A distant relationship can mean many things, but ultimately what you need to pay attention to is the twin flame journey, the various stages, and the outcome of the twin flame union that is surely to occur within time.

Once you understand this game of time, and know that you will have to go through various trials and tribulations, and that you will have to grow spiritually because of this… then time is no longer the shackles that keep you at distance from your other half.

The steps to take now become those in which we need to move away from distance being an issue, or time being an issue. Once you immerse your twin flame spirit and you allow it to bloom to it’s beautiful essence… and you share that with someone you love, particularly your twin flame, then nothing else matters. Your spirit will soar through time, distance, and any other worldly matters that seemed to have hold you back before.

Allow your spirit to bloom through this process, and into 5D, and you will find so may amazing possibilities that you did not even think about before.