As you find yourself living more and more in the 5D Merkaba energy, you find your life calmer, blissful and peaceful on the inside. Your twin will definitely sit up and take notice on an energetic level, although you may not even be in contact with them on a 3D basis. Again, the reason for this; is because you share one soul. If you are looking to shift more into the Unconditional 5D energy, there is a fast track version into doing that.

Pleiadies is a planet around 300 Light years away from Earth. Fraught and battled with a long, challenging story, Pleiadians were some of the first life forms that inhabited this Earth. 5D unconditional love, is their story and a lot of awakened twins are spiritually active and aware on many levels. They are game changers and inspire people to live big and love, grand. Many twins that carry the chasers pain, actually have many past lives in Pleiadies. This is what inspires them to be heard on a global level and to transform people's lives, from the inside out.

When you start to transcend into 5D, you will automatically seek to shed all the energy vampires that are attached to you by having a cord cutting ceremony. In order to unite back with your twin, this is incredibly important to have done at a soul level. You can have this done through your Akashic healer, or through a Shaman/Shamanka. You will feel light and thus able to clear out more levels of any past life residual mess that may be holding you back from your twin.

Another thing in being able to attract your dream lover to you, is definitely healing to clear the Love templates that you both have.

Twin energy is mainly suffering from abandonment and abuse issues, right from when the twins were little and have grown up with it. The awakened twin feels the need to work through their issues and the matrix twin makes no bones about running away from it. If you ever spot your twin's issue (and you will), be very calm and loving about the matter. Your twin is already scared and afraid, don't try and jump on to them even more with things. Take it one interaction at a time and when you see them trying to run, let them run.

Isn't it sad that most people, whilst they dream of meeting their true love—never achieve it?

The reason for this is a term that is classically known as filtering.

Filtering is when our subconscious mind will not let in a specific manifestation because on some level, you will unworthy of it. Nowhere else is this seen more than in someone's financial situation as well as attracting a soul mate as opposed to a Twin Flame.

Twin Flame relationships/unions, whilst they would bring you the outmost happiness, can also bring you the most pain because they bring up all the issues, that you may not be ready to deal with.

Often twins that report getting back together, do so after years upon years. This is due to each of them individually travelling a path to achieve oneness with self, which means one twin is often behind the other. Due to this, one twin may become impatient and go off to seek a soul mate which is often a smoother journey, because soul mates do not invoke such pain to change, as twin flames often do!