Can we blame our twin for being a twin flame runner?

Most of us have experienced a twin flame runner in some of the oddest, unexpected ways. Perhaps we've spent an amazing day with our twin flame, or our twin did something that made us feel amazing. Sometimes just being around them does that. Yet, when it happens we believe it's the turn of something new. We are soon let down when we find out that perhaps it's not, that perhaps it was just a random act... although we don't view it that way, that might be just the way that our twin flame views certain moments.

When our twin flame runs we keep certain memories within our heart.... memories about them, memories abut us, and how they made us feel - and we continue to play those memories in your head over and over again. We simply enjoy those moments so much and yearn for them to happen on a daily basis. And again, they don't have to be spectacular memories, they can be simple quiet ones that brought joy to our hearts. Memories that other people might consider average day occurrences, for us they are unique and special - even though most people might not know just how special they are to us. Even though our twin flame might have no idea just how special and significant some memories about them are. And this brings me to an important question...

Just how significant does our twin flame know that certain moments and certain memories about them are?

Should we lay all of our cards in the table and just express how special certain moments with the where?  Or will that over burden them at a certain point in our relationship?

And just when do we lay all of our cards on the table... if ever?

I believe every situation is different. Sometimes you might have to just flush out your heart and show them what's really in it... other times you might have to wait in order to be perceived as being needy or even strange.

We all have needs and wants. For some people these needs and wants might come easy... for others, we have to fight for them.

Sometimes is easy for our twin flame to get a hint of how much they mean to us... at other times they seem as if the idea has never crossed their might.

So the question that we can't help to wonder at times is... does my twin flame know just how much they mean to me? And should I tell them?

Does my twin flame know that our relationship can be so unique and special - unlike anything else that they have ever experienced before?

Apparently not, otherwise they would know, or at be curious about knowing more on what the true potential is amongst us two.

The thing about having a twin flame is that we are all on our own unique journey. Sometimes we are more aware of our journey, our road, and where it's taking us, and other times we might be more dismissive.

Our twin flame might be being consciously or unconsciously dismissive towards us, yet we can't help but wonder where it's all going, if it's even worth it to continue feeling the way we feel towards us. Sometimes we can't help it, and we are willing to wait... even if it's an eternity.

Remember that even though they might be in our lives because they are running away, that they are only part of the equation. They make you feel a certain kind of special way, yet those feelings are crated because of us also. It is the two halves that are one when connected that creates that magic. In other words, Maybe they don't see that magical world that is there, that is created from two - and it's a union, maybe they don't realize it yet, but when they run away... they will soon realize just how special and unique it is, and it can be.

Your twin flame might not come running back to you when they discover the magic in the twin flame union, but remember that twin flames are eternal - and it's not just about their love towards you that makes you unique, spiritual and beautiful... but also our ideas, your actions, and your being of a twin flame - whether you are separated from your other half or not.

Your magical being of a twin flame continues, and it's eternal.