The twin flame relationship is indeed the greatest kind of relationship you could ever experience in your life. You could never feel nor learn the truest meaning of bliss until you yourself have found your one and only twin. It is true that they are your life partner that can make your life so sweet and good, like the sweetest kind of sweet and the best kind of good. But wait, there is more to it than just good times, because just as the saying goes “every great thing does not come as easy” The same can often be said about a twin flame romance.

Arguing, fighting, and hurting. They say that these feelings are already always part of “love”. These are all just common things, and expected between couples. The only difference is that these feelings are also meant to be much “aggravated’ when you have the relationship with your twin flame.

So, have you already found your twin? If yes, then you must have already experienced what I am referring to – the exaggerated emotions. Commonly the first stages of a relationship are just all happy and romantic. But after a while, you will always come to the point where the unwanted “fights” just suddenly start emerging, which most often are unfortunately inevitable. The arguments, by the way, may sometimes come meaningless, you can argue at just about anything.

You may feel so confused when that time comes, you maybe even feel disappointed with your partner, and start asking questions like, “Why is my twin flame hurting me?”, “Why is he or she doing this to me?”. And then you might begin to blame them for hurting you. You blame them for making you feel what you are feeling.

 Where are all the feelings coming from?

You need to be able to pin point the source of the conflict.

Are these negative feelings truly emerging from your partner… or are they emerging from you?

You have to look at things clearly in order to find a clear answer. Perhaps your twin is merely reflecting of what is within you. Perhaps you might blame your partner but in reality, the arguments are just arising from your own ego, or from your own unbalanced energy.

Most twin flame couples have had thousands of incarnations in this planet. Each of these incarnation leave a bit of “residue” within them (you being the present incarnation). And your twin flame being the only one having the ability to see through and reflect your deepest self, begins to “awaken” them, and they begin to resurface on you in the form of negative circumstances, behaviors or emotions.

Your twin flame is just like a mirror. You must know that the behavior, the arguments, the negative feelings won’t stop until you find the true source of them. You should both work on yourselves. It all begins with honest communication and allowing yoru spirit to grow.

So what should you do when you are truly hurting?

Perhaps you should embrace the feeling at first. Sometimes it is necessary to accept it and feel it, before you can let go of it.

The more you feel, the weaker the emotion will become. Doing this will be much easier if you know a way to “cleanse” yourself from all the negativities brought about from your past. All the layers of negativities need be released from both of you before your souls can finally transcend into a much higher state of existence, a much higher state of love.

This hurting phase is quite often necessary and ultimately only benefits both of you.

I hope you both have the courage to face and conquer your own spirit, defeat the inner shouts of your ego, and that you will not allow any other emotion that may surface to subdue the love that you have for each other.

Remember that whether you are on the happiest of moments, or whether you are under the most challenging of times in your relationship… just keep choosing love. Love for yourself and love for your other half. Above everything, love, honesty, and communication will always help you get through it.