Do you ever wonder what your twin flame dreams about?

Perhaps you are in a relationship with him/her, in a way that you are a couple, or even friends, and your twin is able to tell you what they dreamt about. Most likely they will share a dream with you about traveling somewhere, having coffee with someone, or even a lucid dream.

But do you ever wonder about their most personal nightly dreams?

Are your twin's dreams as personal and significant as some of your dreams? And more importantly (at least to us), does your twin flame dream about you?

Ever wonder if your twin flame dreams about you the way you dream about them? 

In my most intimate dreams about my twin flame I see that person in their full light. Perhaps they are simply in a classroom somewhere, or I might see them walk by... but that just of the surface. What I feel deep inside is so radiant. I feel as if I see a part of me walking by, and at times... walking away. In those dreams I wish I could just stop time and for once - be able to just be with them on a spiritual level. Just to feel that energy that I feel when I see them in a dream.

In my own dreams of my twin flame it turns out that all too often we are just strangers walking by. My twin flame sees me but feels like they see past me, as if even in dreams I am just another part of their world, and perhaps not a significant part.

They say that dreams mirror reality but I believe that they are more than that. I believe that dreams often are a part of a different universe, their own unique universe.

Well, regardless of how lonesome I might feel when I see my twin flame in a dream, the truth is that there is a part of me that always feels happy deep within because I just saw them. It makes me fee unique to see them, as if to see a part of me. I simply want to observe them at first, and then if the dream continues, I do wish to interact with my twin flame.

Dreams are powerful in so many levels. That's the reason why I don't really ask to see my twin flame in my dream but if it happens then I know that I had that dream for a reason... at least I like to think so.

And it goes without saying that some my most memorable dreams are those in which I dreamt abut my twin flame.

I guess we can't help but to wonder if our twin flame has ever dreamt about us... if they were kind to use in that dream, if they talked to us, saw a part of us that they have not seem in real life.  Perhaps in a dream they felt a deep love as the dream connected us? And can be it be that this fire that they felt in the dream simply withered away when our twin woke up?

Overall I think that many people do dream about us the same way that we dream about many different people. We can't really look into the dreams of others, unless they tell us about their dreams, yet, if we wonder if that twin flame energy is shared in a dream -- even if it's something we might never know. One thing I do know is that the twin flame energy we both share does live somewhere out in the universe, perhaps is in a dream universe, perhaps is in another mysterious place, but it just brings me solace and warmth knowing that it does exist, even though my twin flame and I might not be there physically, it's something that is felt.