When a twin flame dies, the awakened twin can go back into soul shock for a period of time. They are then joined to the twin flame in soul.

What you have to remember is the fact that despite your relationship with your twin flame in this life, your souls are always joined. Whilst it is a sad fact that anyone should die, when your twin flame dies — you will always feel a deep sense of loss. This loss is very similar when twin flames come together and one decides to run away.

It's a soul shock.

Since twin flames are always together in spirit, whether they both realize it or not—it's imperative to know that death actually will bring your twin flame closer to you. You may be wondering how this happens or how it is possible — but when you stop to actually think of it, it makes a lot of sense.

The thought of your twin flame dying is exceptionally painful, I have thought of it many times myself. It leaves you wondering how you would feel or what would happen next, or if the person would even shed a tear for you — if you yourself, passed away.

I have had this interesting conversation with many enlightened twin flames themselves. The ironic bit is that due to circumstances and 3D vs 5D living, you will often find that twin flames don't get together in this lifetime.

A lot of people feel like they are dying piece by piece each day by not being with their twin flame, but the truth is that this type of dynamic, forces you into unconditional love for both yourself and your twin flame.

Your twin flame passing away although may hurt you in the 3D, however in 5D you are ALWAYS together.

I remember the dreaded thought of thinking “well my twin flame is going to die some day — what if I call my twin flame and someone else answers and told me he passed away?

And then I remembered, that no matter what relationship we have had in 3D, my twin flame is my twin flame for eons, forever and beyond. We have been twins all our lives  and there is no way my twin is “gone.”

If in our day to day waking lives, I can feel my twins presence and my twin's  energy — then death simply makes it easier for us to connect.

Overall, the journey of the push and pull with my twin flame, 3D emotionally abusive, fear based behavior, I came to learn that the reason my twin showed up in my life — was to inspire my spirit as well as show me how I didn't love myself.

On many levels, both my twin flame and I, don't love ourselves, and we reflect that in our interactions with each other. Recently I have become better at it — however on somedays… I still struggle.

Remember, that in order for someone to be your twin flame — you have had lives with that person, often countless and numerous ones and each time, you have both fought on a metaphysical level to stay together.

When you or your twin flame passes away, it just makes it simpler for you guys to actually be together on an astral level.

Your twin flame is forever with you, we just live in a physical body!