A karmic relationship often feels like a soul mate relationship, especially with the intensity that can first occur in the relationship. Karmic relationships are often mistaken to be a twin flame or a soul mate because of how they leave you feeling.

Deep, intense and brooding, you often mistake yourself to have met the love of your life, however the karmic partner has come into your life for a reason. 

The pain that you often feel with a karmic relationship goes straight to your heart chakra because it is often a past life issue that has come up to surface.

As time goes on, you will find that it will calm down, and you don't have feelings as strong for the person as you once did. You may choose to keep in touch with the person, or completely cut ties—that would be up to you.

Karmic relationships are essential to shatter the very fabric of our lives, ensuring that radical change is able to be ushered in. We often live in a very easy and comfortable bubble, not really realizing that we don't often have the key tools in order to make fast progress. It is only when we feel that we are completely out of control that we start to really take a look at our life and finding ways to change it.

Karmic relationships often change our lives beyond measure, and we become someone that we would have never imagined ourselves becoming.

The true beauty about a twin flame relationship is that you are grounded when you see the eternal potential that exists between two people that are part of one union. This union of fire by which many struggles have taken place – we come to appreciate all the dark rainy days we faced, and once we have gone through that circle, we come back to be reunited and fully understand each other without a word being said.

A Karmic relationship has it’s own unique world in which many of us want to keep throwing fuel into the fire in hopes that the fire lasts forever, yet this unpredictable relationship between you and another person can take it’s toll, and in the end you can be left with nothing, not even realizing any lessons learned.

A twin flame relationship does not necessarily constrain itself as to throwing fuel into the fire, but rather it’s more like an eternal candle that dances in the darkness… sooner or later if wind hits that candle it might seem as if two flames are emerging from the top of the candle and we might be in awe when the two flames turn back into one.

It’s often good to also understand where the relationships of our friends are, and even if they might just have a karmic relationship with someone, or even perhaps they have found their soul mate, often times it is best to allow them discover that for themselves. Just like it’s quite often best to allow our twin flame to discover that they are our twin flame by themselves without us saying too much. On a deeper level they already know they are our twin flame, but often it just takes time for things to come to surface.

Regardless of how you view your relationships at the current moment, realize that your own universal healing and growth is something that begins with you, and regardless of how others might see relationships, it is you that holds the true power of love that turns from a moment and into an eternal flame that will always be there for you.