Twin flame duality is a concept that deals primarily with your inner energy and that of your twin flame.

All of us have inner energy that all too often is left unexplored. And this energy is perhaps the most important element when it comes to your healing, your well being, your state of mind… and yes, it also affects your twin flame.

Before I get into the concept of twin flames duality and energy, first let me say that we have the power within us, through our inner energy, to allow our bodies and mind to heal. Regardless of what issue you might be facing, just a simple shift in energy, and even on mindset, can help you heal and even cure yourself of illness.

This is a strange concept that many doctors know about, yet not many people can explain how it all works.

Let me give you an example, I met someone recently that had gotten an awful ringing in their ear. That person went to the doctor to get “cured” and the only cure that the doctor could offer was to meditate and relax more and let go of stress. How significant is this? That even for someone physical ailments such as this one - the cure is in relaxation, and changing your state of mind… overall this means changing your inner energy.

Once we get to know and become familiar with our inner energy - this is when we move towards connecting with the energy of our twin flame. Which is a process we can understand and put into action, but first of all we must know the source of our own inner energy.

High-frequency person:

If you are a high-frequency person, this means that you are more open to psychic abilities, and more open to universal energy as your body becomes a chalice, a receptor, to such energy. Whether it is through daily intuition, or whether your intuition comes to you via dreams. Being a high-frequency person also means you are more open to your emotions, your feelings, and you are able to decide them more quickly, rather than someone who was more of a low-frequency person.

Low-frequency person:

A low-frequency person does not have too much daily awareness of where their energy is, and it might take more effort to find it and try to sway it in a way that produces the desired effect - whether it is motivation, any sort of problem-solving, or even the task of connecting with your twin flame via energy and duality.

Twin flame duality in simple terms means that your energy is more able and readily available to sync with the energy of your twin flame.

Through high-frequency actions during your day, such as meditation, some sort of artistic action, perhaps listening to music, or through the night where you can evoke dreams - twin flame duality can occur.

Twin flame duality is the sharing of inner energy between you and your twin flame, even when it’s not known and it happens on a subconscious level.

Even a spark of a thought that we have can invoke the other person to think about us, or feel us in some sort of subconscious way.

If you have a dream of your twin flame and you feel such a strong tinge of emotion, and you wonder what that dream means - it can very well mean that your twin flame is thinking about you, and that energy was transgressed via duality.

To get better at syncing your energy with your twin flame takes practice, but just as equally important is being able to have a zen like spirit where you welcome new things but you don’t overly desire them to the point of where your energy is whack and out of balance.

Your energy needs to be in balance in order to open up streams of high frequency syncing with your twin flame in order to create this stream of duality.

Work through your energy blocks first, feel inspired, and know that like energies attract other like energies. This means that if you are able to inspire yourself, and you are able to feel attraction - not only within yourself, but you put it out to the universe… it might just well be your twin flame that picks up on that attraction.

Your energy chakras is another way by which you can meditate and further work on your inner energy. This is a great way for those that want to pursue a process by which to work out any energy block areas. I will be going into depth in this one specific area soon.

Twin flame duality is something that exists on a universal level. It’s not something you can demand or even wish for. It is something you can develop within yourself, and be open enough to attract other energies to sync to yours, and having a twin flame simply means that the vibrational potential is already there and it’s quite strong for duality to happen.

Be the first one to be inspired by good energies, and allow others to feel the same.