Being separated from your twin flame is probably the most painful and devastating feeling in the world because essentially your soul has gone into shock that it's other half has left it and ran away.

At the same time, the level of emotions that will run through might be all over the place when you are separated from  your twin flame. The important thing to always act upon is that quest to better ourselves should never be ignored or not acted upon.

If we don’t take actions to become a better person, and to grow, both spiritually and within our life style, then ultimately our twin flame union is what suffers. So in essence, think about yourself in a way to diminish that soul shock that you may feel at different times in life.

Yet having said that, when it comes to should shock…

it feels like someone has died and you have gone completely numb. The only defining factor with soul shock is the fact that you will feel a dramatic pull in both your hara and heart chakras where it hurts so bad, you beg God for the pain to just stop. The reason for this, is the fact that ALL twins are linked to each other through a cord that flows in and out to the other twin in their heart chakras.

That is why they are full of unconditional love to each other, despite whatever the other twin may say to them. They may have the biggest of arguments with name calling, and then make up like nothing has happened. Of course, all is ever forgiven with your twin and you can never ever stay mad at them because staying mad at them, is like staying mad at yourself.

And staying mad at yourself, is rather silly.

When you are separated, in the first and early stages you will obsess over them and feel like you are going to die without them.

There is the original fear your soul remembers, when it was cut off from it's other half and felt sad without it's missing piece.

Then there is the additional fear of not hearing, seeing or speaking to them again because their presence is like nourishment, and oxygen, to you and being deprived of that, is extremely painful.

The best advice in separation from your twin is the comfort of knowing that it is always temporary and your twin, once they have evolved in their own growing and learning periods—will head back towards you.

Your twin has ALWAYS belonged to you and no one else. Someone else may end up having their body, but you will always have their soul because it is one half of yours. Twins separate in order for them to grow and learn because if they stayed together, they would be stuck to each other quite literally all the time and then no soul growth would get done.

Twin flames have the tendency to physically cling to each other in and out of bed, because their soul desires to be one again and it feels like the body is something that is pesky and in the way.

So what should you do when you are separated from your twin flame?

To summarize: your own personal path towards spiritual and self growth is what will help you overcome obstacles in life. When you are separated from your twin flame it might be painful but it will be more painful if you spiral into being unproductive and without any creativity to give. Always give to yourself, heal your wounds, and take it all one step at a time. That good energy that you create around you will transfer over to your twin flame, even if that person doesn’t know it, and even if that person doesn’t thank you for it. In your reflection you will see all the good that you have done, and your heart will grow and you will become a better person because of it. In the end, this will make your twin flame union stronger… whether the other person knows it or not — that’s fine. You know how far you’ve come.