Our twin flame, or someone we perceive to be our twin flame – does not give us a chance to develop a mutual friendship, or any sort of bond. Forget building a strong relationship, I am talking about straight ignoring the other person as if they were invisible, or as if that person did not exist.

Firstly, what you need to remember is that the twin is not ignoring you, he or she is very much hoping that this undeniable connection can fade into denial, and it won't be on their mind anymore to deal with. This inner energy that they would have to deal with… it can open intimate areas within them that perhaps they have kept closed for too long, or they are rather very protective of.

What is interesting is that when you gain awareness of your twin flame spirit -- the more you try and run from this connection, the more it comes after you, and it will not leave you alone.

If you find that you are reaching out to your twin flame and they are not responding, it is highly advisable to stop the chase. They are often ignoring because they don't want to have to open that can of worms and deal with that energy, and again, because then that would mean having to face their own emotions, which is something the matrix twin is very uncomfortable in doing, for the fear of what they would find there.

It is very painful, hurtful, humiliating, and embarrassing when your twin flame ignores you.

It feels like the deepest part of yourself rejected you, and instead of calming down, it is exactly like the roulette table -- you go back for more pain, somehow hoping this time it would be different. Remember that the more you are able to control your emotions, the more your twin feels that you are in control of yourself, and you don't come across as needy, which twin flame or not, has the liability of pushing anyone away.

Sometimes these type of situations happen to help you raise up your self esteem, and enable you to come to a point where it is forcing you to improve your self worth and value, and stop being the fallback and weak person that your twin is actually fed up with.

Your twin flame wants you to stand up to them and let them know that you mean business. The only way that they will respect you, is if you respect yourself.

While that may go for any other relationship and friendship you have in this world, for the twin flame dynamic it goes even further, because when you raise your self esteem, your twin flame has no choice but to raise theirs up as well. Ignoring, unfortunately, is a part and parcel in the twin flame connection, because it is easier to ignore someone, than it is to actually face that person and tell them how you feel (or don't feel).

Although it can be quite challenging if you are caught up in a situation in which your twin flame does not know the real you, and all you really really want is for them to at least be open to getting to know you well… when we put ourselves in those predicaments of “wanting” something, we lose important energy. We give away our light, instead of holding on to it, and allowing our twin flame to recognize that light as being unique, interesting, and a true reflection.

Develop your inner energy this is what I often refer to as your light.

Always keep working on yourself, and remember that as you keep raising your vibration, eventually there will come a point where you don't need to keep reaching out, because you have reached a point where you are content in your own life. Once you allow that inner energy, and light, to grow and blossom, it is something that they don’t necessarily have to admire, but they will at least acknowledge as being part of something good and pure. Even if they do not acknowledge it to you, or even to themselves… deep down within their own energy, there will be a point of reflection in which they see something good within you that they wish they could connect with.

Most people are so sheltered by their ego self that they cannot even build awareness between their inner energy and their daily life. 

Ego and shadow self, play a big part of how most people see themselves, and how they see themselves evolving through life. On the surface, many things might seem to be ego based to them, but deep within their subconscious, they have a stream of spiritual energy that sometimes is not easy to decipher, or even easy for them to fully understand, for instance, the whole concept of twin flames.

Your twin flame might simply be able to rationalize to themselves any feelings that they might start to develop as emerging from their ego self, instead of somewhere deeper within their spirit.

Everyone’s journey is unique, but in their life’s journey they will learn that there is a universe far beyond their ego self (where most people based their ideas and emotions from). Once this growth happens, they will gain awareness of spirit, whether they are ready to accept that they have a twin flame or not.

Give your twin flame room to venture out in their own journey. The true gift of love and deep appreciation through the universe is something that already exists within you. Allow that to grow, whether anyone acknowledges this force within your or not.

Give energy to yourself, your true self, beyond ego, and beyond daily emotions. Within your inner self is a spirit that is far greater than most of us think.

This universe within is where the key source of your twin flame vibrations and union truly reside. Connect to that on a spiritual level before anything else.