Many people often just mistake a twin flame connection with the Cinderella fairy tale romance that ends with the “happily ever after”.

Whilst this may be true to a degree, it requires a tonne of work that realistically; many people are simply afraid or furthermore, unwilling to do. Your twin flame, if you have met them in this life, is here to show you everything that is unhealed within you on the inside, so you will be so triggered and have no choice but to fix and heal it up.

Learning from your twin flame is hard, if all you can do, is just focus on the romance side.

A twin connection, is not something that is purely romantic. Although that is what your soul will feel predominantly most of the time, you’re here to take that connection and challenge yourself on everything that you can learn from your twin flame, and the parts of life they have got correctly.

I remember one twin coming to me and saying that she didn’t feel “worthy” of her twin flame because he was financially stable and set, and she still struggled so much with her monthly bills. Through the financial magnetism bracelet I was able to heal her “lack consciousness” (feeling like it’s never enough and not happy on the inside) and get her to a point where she felt “enough” on the inside.

As she started to feel more in alignment with her money and started building stronger energy within - she started seeing more improvements with her twin!

I can completely relate to how she felt, as my twin is exceptionally financially successful in his entepreneurial endeavours and I modelled his example of what he did in many ways, and saw a tonne of up levelling, and sense in living a life bigger, bolder, and better.

Your twin is going to equally learn from you, mine learns the art of inner strength and courage and knowing how to put boundaries and say no to people… all fully from me, whilst growing your internal spiritual compass of being able to live life together.

Your twin comes to you as a reward of all the inner work that you choose to do, and I want to make it clear that you are not doing this inner work to be with them. You are doing it as a gift… on how to better and improve yourself by virtue of knowing them.

The pain of missing your twin sometimes is literally unbearable and that is normal about what you are learning from them.

 As your soul moves more into Synergy with Heart Wall Clearings, you will be able to vibrate at a higher level and be freer to live in an opulent way of thinking.

The goal of your twin flame, is not just to have the happy relationship. It is to look at each other with peace, harmony, and joy, knowing that no one else could have ever loved you that much to push and trigger you into healing your internal wounds.

Remember to thank your twin, for you are helping them ascend and they are helping you to do so as well.