If you ever been out at the beach on a lovely day, enjoy the water as you swim by the shore and take in the waves, and the out of nowhere… huge way comes your way. This wave it’s so big that it will submerge you fully within its waters.

Let’s pause for a minute and ask….

What do you do? Do you scream out loud? Do you panic? Do you simply give up?

Unfortunately at that moment you won’t have too much time to pause but within those few seconds… there will be a solemn instance, a moment, where part of you is going to accept your destiny by any means through a feeling of harmony and acceptance… not matter how painful it might be.

Such huge waves will come at us when we least expect them, in one way or another.

And we might scream, we might feel that it’s not fair, but within a solemn moment… we will find a silent space that reflects upon our destiny and we will be okay with that space existing… even if it’s just for a split second.

This is reflecting of how a relationship you seek with another person usually is.

We might feel anger, pain and rage at times… but there are moment when we know that spaces of love do exist, even if they are empty at the moment, yet within destiny… everything will turn out alright.

It hard to keep that sentiment for too long through all the turmoil we might be facing with relationships, or any other area of our lives, but don’t ignore those single quiet moments that flash forward towards your destiny.

This solemn moments exist for a reason.

They exist so that we may decide on whether we want to meditate towards them or simply ignore them.

They exist to gives us a choice whether we want to inspire towards them or simply put them aside.

If we want to move forward with intent and vision… or leave that for later.

Those moments are simply hidden threads that we can explore… if we decide to do so.

If someone is not treating you right, if life is not treating you right, if you are not treating yourself right in any capacity…

There will be spaces where all that you engender peace, harmony and love reflecting back upon you.

These are moments from your future sending you a message.

What is the message?

Simply hold on through the moments of rough tides and unexpected consequences, because from the point of view of your destiny… those rough tides are simply split second reflections within your true eternal nature of joy, love, and harmony.

If you hold on through those moments, the overall picture will prove that to you.