When you feel twin flame rage like you belong in a cage

Yes, the title sounds kinda silly but let’s face it, during the new year there seems to be a swing within our emotional energy. It can swing both ways - to the right, and to the left, to the light and to the dark - and at times all within moments. 

What will I address in this article? 

Not the jolly warm fuzzy feeling you get when things go well and you celebrate the start of the new year with your loved ones. I’ll mostly address the other end of the pendulum: the hurt and rage we sometimes feel after the holidays that seem to be amplified because… well it’s after the holidays and there seems to be never ending pain with your twin flame. 

The new year seems to bring the best in people, and also the worst. This means that our twin flame, or someone we love, can be right in course for moments of drama, or ill feelings that we rather do without. 

If we stressed over out twin flame during the end of the year, chances are that during the beginning of the year (right before Valentines), old wounds, or even new ones might develop with the same source of strident emotions. 

These moments will occur whether we expect them or not. And whether we are at the top of our ascension with our twin flame, or so far that there even isn’t a connection at all. 

Sometimes we will react to moments the way we would like to, and at other times we might unwillingly go into a fit of rage - even if we don’t express it outwardly, it’s something we might feel within yet it is still dark energy that we have to deal with.

One of the things you can do is approaching rage from the point of duality - once you have a plan, and you stick with your plan. 

As soon as you feel rage and any other associated negative emotions, ask yourself:

Where does my ego self stand with this issue? 

And, Where does my higher self stand with this issue?

Your ego self can be best described as your daily human character side in the 3rd dimension, while your higher self can be best described as your universal spiritual eternal side in the 5th dimension.

What is the approach I must take to hope and reason in order to have peace? 

Understand that it is your ego self that feels this rage, it feels trapped, and confused. And it might even be enjoying and getting addicted to this rage in a counter intuitive way because it feels that it is in charge - or it wants to be in control, rebelling against the higher self, and finally being heard.  

Your ego self needs attention and it also needs understanding. Your higher self will provide that if your ego self allows it. 

This is key:  Our ego self must allow our higher self to connect and nourish us as one in this moment of rage, hurt, pain, etc. 

Our higher self lives in eternal serenity, for it'ss above time and space, and is one with the universe that was and forever will be. It’s spectrum is that of a light prism that shines all this love, compassion, and serenity. It all belongs to you if you allow it to connect… but ultimately it is your ego self that needs to heed to this connection.  

Our higher self does not feel hurt or pain… it’s beyond that, beyond any earthly need or desire. It’s one with virtue, nature, and the universe. It’s like a million light reflections of natural healing that we have a connection with. 

Your universal connection to your higher self is there, it exists.

Strengthen that connection to thrive and heal. 

The process and (at times) challenge is in making this connection. If you  make it, you will go beyond moments of rage, pain, and despair. 

That painful event that you are going through is something your higher self has already seen, and been through it so many times, and now in it’s eternity knows those moments quite well. It’s seen that face of fear  and pain before. Now it simply monitors those occurrences, it’s been awaiting them, and simply moves beyond them - just like a storm that comes and goes. It’s a natural process, and no storm ever remains. 

 Nothing forever dies, it simply heals and grows back again. That faith of knowing and trusting in this process is what strengthens the virtue of our higher self. 

While our ego self suffers great strife at times, our higher self just sees it as a point in time. A moment that will heal and lead us to the next destination in our circular journey that it’s gearing to it’s completion before it reaches the full spectrum of 5D. 

An important point to remember is to catch yourself when you reliving those moments in your head and your emotions - yes, those moments that we wish we can get away from seem to be the ones that we keep reliving and giving more energy towards. It’s quite counterintuitive.

When you catch that negative energy and you cancel it, and replace it with more nurturing or productive thoughts - that’s when you begin to make progress. Remember that what goes on within your inner energy matters more than whatever friction you might be having in the real world with your twin flame. 

It’s your choice today, right now for you to say:  “I will to cancel negative energy and allow higher light to shine within me.”

This light already belongs to you. It’s there. All you have to do is focus and strengthen that connection.

When you work on those important aspects of your inner energy and align with your eternal higher self… this will create a vibrational effect that will be felt by your twin. Perhaps it’s a healing that your twin flame also seeks yet your twin is lost amidst his or her ego self.

Believe in your higher self and magic will happen.

You are both two halves of the same spectrum of light in motion through this journey.

Keep shinning.