It is every single twin flame’s dream, to marry their twin.

After all, the best marriage IS, the Hieros Gamos (the sacred union) which in essence is both marriage to yourself, and marriage to your divine counterpart.

Now, many twins don’t realise that marriage to someone else outside your twinship, is actually possible. It may sound like you are betraying yourself and your twin, however I always encourage anyone reading this to keep an open mind.

I love my twin dearly however it is good to know that on this earth, you may or may not marry them and this all depends on how READY you are, for the attraction.

As I have said many times on this blog before, meeting your twin activates a chain of pain sequences that you simply cannot ignore any longer.

Your twin’s energy, will allow you to dig deep to clear everything that stands between you and him/her. Marriage to someone else MAY be part of the deal.

Marriage to someone else besides YOU may ALSO be part of the deal with your twin. It is sometimes very challenging to comprehend this journey because it is not like a normal relationship. It pulls and tugs at your core all the time, highlighting all the deep trauma from this life and other lives that we all as twins.

Often our Love Karma, can block us badly even from whom we desire the most (our twin) because our shields are so high, due to our wounding.

A large part of marriage for a twin flame, is the marriage to yourself. A marriage to yourself is in essence a commitment to all that frees you into discovering who you really are.

If you choose to marry someone else aside your twin, it doesn’t make you a bad person and nor does it invalidate your connection with your counterpart.

Your twin, loving and amazing as they may be, may not be the right humanly fit for you and this is sometimes the hardest thing to cope with. This does not mean that your twin cannot catch up to you, in fact, after meeting you; they will be activated to work on themselves TO prepare for you. However, as we all know, this can often take it’s time and you cannot wait for your twin.

Despite the fact that they are you, at an energetic level; you are still two different people in the real world. You have your own desires, dislikes, likes, preferences, and tastes.

Isn’t it time you fully committed to yourself in a way that goes way beyond the shallow, trite ways of doing meditations to marry yourself and your twin flame?

You are in a constant state of unity however the blocks in the way, can be preventing a lot.

by Nadia Arain