When your twin flame decides to run...

When we first discover our twin flame we also discover something deeper within us.

It’s like part of us has awakened and fully realized that in the universe there are many mysteries that we might be able to see — yet they are true. We feel those vibrations. We see a deeper light.

This happens also when we realize that there is someone out there that is out twin flame. It’s such an amazing feeling.

And what also follows is when we finally meet our twin flame. They might be a stranger, someone we meet as a friend, or even date… our twin flame comes to us in many different ways. Yet someone in our relationship it might just be that our twin flame decides to run.

A twin flame runner often happens when that person realizes that the relationship is much deeper than they fully realized and this frightens them, or perhaps they are at a point in their journey in which they are not ready to be fully part of a twin flame union.

A twin flame runner can break our hearts, or completely shock us, if we thought the relationship would just blossom without any challenges, change of minds, or road blocks.

Whatever the reason it is that your twin flame runs you have to realize that the reason is not as important as the journey you are in, and the journey that your twin flame is in.

The reason why your twin flame runs can be as simple or complicated as anything, yet a twin flame union is much deeper than that. A twin flame union is not just about the current moment and what people might feel towards each other… it’s about how the universe feels about you and what the universe has provided in such beauty for your own spirit to blossom, for the spirit of your twin to blossom, and eventually the communing of those two spirits into a union known as twin flames.

This energy, light, that we may call a journey, that the universe gives us can also be beyond our understanding. Yet we appreciate it because we feel it’s vibrations, it’s light, perhaps we may feel those emotions through dreams, or thoughts we can’t fully understand. It’s a process that we partake in our own journey. Therefore you also have to realize that the journey of your twin flame is quite a mirror of your journey — even though they might be at a different point in time within their own journey.

What your twin flame runs from today is something that person might yearn for tomorrow, or wish it was back in their life, or even yearn for it as they might feel part of them is not there, they might feel incomplete.

Realize that in life people will often run away from many things, not fully comprehending what they might be about.

Does your twin flame know what  you are all about or will your twin flame become a runner?

Whatever the answer might be, realize that what it important for you to focus on, it’s not necessarily in seeking answers to those questions… questions that might change through time as your twin flame changes also, as your twin flame grows, or move along in his/her journey.

What is important is in continuing to allow yourself to grow to new heights, both spiritually, and in your daily life. That growth and process that we call a journey will change many times (just like your twin flame changes into a twin flame runner or twin flame soul mate), yet it is the dynamics of your journey and your self growth that are the most essential and unique things within understanding your twin flame union.

Have you felt growth within yourself lately since you discovered that your twin flame is a runner? 

Has it affected you in a negative way?

Allow it to affect you in a good way as your spiritual growth, your light, and your vibrations ARE like a mirror to your twin flame. All that you put your good energy into will reflect within your twin flame union, and is something that timeless, meaning that sooner or later that mirror is what your twin flame will look into.

When your twin flame runner looks int your persona mirror… what would you like for him or her to see?