When your twin flame rejects you.

What to do when a twin flame rejects you all of the sudden?

Have you experienced your twin operating just from an ego self-based level?

Such as your twin pursuing ego self-interests and not focusing on their twin flame energy at all. And at times it makes you wonder just how selfish they can be capable of being.

It’ no fun to endure. And it’s not about “who did what” or casting any fault for any actions that you or your twin have down in the past.

What truly matters is… how you proceed from this point on in your journey.

Instead of looking for ways to change someone’s decisions, and who they are at the core of their energy, allow them to find their true self.

We cannot change others, but merely offer suggestions… when the time is right.

Speaking about time… everyone is on their own journey and your twin will eventually shift to lead with their higher self towards their twin flame connection.

One thing you can start doing is learning to calibrate your energy of duality. Know when to lead with your ego and offer fun and excitement to others, and also know when to lead with your higher self; by having sincere, kind, spiritual energy that does not expect anything back. This energy exists already within you but you have to make this connection a stronger one and have it resonate more within others.

How can you do so?

It begins by having it resonate within you first. You are the beginning and the end of your universal spiritual energy. All that you put out will eventually return to you.

You have to work on yourself like you never have done before. Physically and spiritually. Not for the good of anyone else but yourself. To raise yourself to a level that you can create and attract abundance. It’s possible and you will do it if you focus and take action.

This person that might be your twin flame is on their own journey. Will you cross paths with your twin and develop mutual attraction once again?

Yes, if they are your real twin flame you will cross paths with that person in the future again. And what I mean by “cross paths” is crossing paths on an energy level where he or she will again consider whether or not your twin is ready there and then to connect with you.

It is important that you work on yourself now so when you cross paths with your twin flame again… you are then able to develop and come from a much higher frequency that he or she is on.

Your energy has to go to a much higher level of ascension, of abundance, and of attracting many good things. Your twin flame will feel this, it will resonate within them.

When your twin becomes more spiritually mature to connect on a higher self-level… he or she will once again appear on your path, and you will know that your twin is now trying to reach that high frequency that you are on. Give value to yourself first and foremost.

Remember to:

  • Always show and truly be on a higher frequency.
  • Work on your ego-self but lead with your higher self
  • Develop a life of passion on many levels.
  • Let go of what you cannot control.

The universe rewards you when you let go of needing something, which means letting go of your ego self, and by you giving value and putting out good energy… which means leading with your higher self.

Leading with your higher self means following your heart in essence. In a way that you continue to develop your ideal self. Nobody is going to do this for you, not your twin flame.

Do it, lead, and ascend.

When you do so, other like energies will then re-appear and join you… even your twin flame.

Remember that you are going to cross paths with your twin flame again… not just physical paths but on a universal energy level.

Are you going to be able to rise to the occasion?

I believe you will.

May your journey continue to bloom.