Your Twin Flame Runner is both your twin and yourself.

Many are receiving false information about twin flames because it has become a place and source of confusion.

Your twin isn’t running from you, they aren’t even running from themselves. They are running from reality. Reality is often very challenging and hard to face in a world where everything is a construct that is meant to be in front of you.

When you are faced with your twin flame, you are not only are going to see all the wounded parts of yourself, you are going to face all the pain and reality you don’t often want to see.

This world can be very heavy on a twin because we are sensitive and susceptible to energy hence I have always advised twins to perform aura cleanses on themselves, in order to keep their energy shining bright and clean at all times.

It is very easy for your twin to miss you in this world, if your energy is heavy and low which makes you vibrate at a frequency that is not healthy.

Because your twin flame and yourself, are still finding each other, it is going to be completely normal for the both of you to disappear and then reappear to find each other because more lessons require to be learned.

Contrary to popular belief, the twin flame journey is not special, magical, and beautiful.

It is painful, ugly, and, messy; which is exactly where the beauty of it originates from.

When twins meet and when you met your twin, both of you have triggered each other’s wounded pain to work on. A lot of the trapped emotions that I release in the Heart Wall Clearings, and that I did for myself to help me see my own self and my twin in a better perspective, feels life changing.

Because the twin situation is not an ordinary romantic love story, it takes its own time to unfold and what you will come to find is that as you begin to do your own clearings, you will be able to stay still and allow the best things to be attracted and come towards you.

As always, this includes your twin.

When you find that your twin reaches out to you again, it can be tempting to yell and scream at them, sometimes fawn – and I would advise anyone reading this, to simply keep a calm head.

The emotions that you feel for your counterpart, can absolutely be overwhelming. I feel them just as strongly as anyone who knows their true divine match, so it is normal to feel that.

Disappearing and reappearing is a normal thing in the twin journey.

The key factor is that you do not make life about your twin flame, as much as you love him/her. They are brought into your life to shine light on all the areas that need to be worked on and in doing so, you receive the best gift; which is living at a high vibrational frequency that allows you to get closer to your twin.

By Nadia Arain.