Often times we ask ourselves: Why does my twin flame avoid me?

Why have I tried to strike up a friendship, a connection, a conversation; only to be met with resistance and silence?

The reality is that the twin flame Divine Love grid, has actually been disrupted so BADLY that it is the biggest challenge to unite with your twin, not because of a lack of Love, however because everything that is in the WAY of you doing so.

All human beings are born psychically gifted.

This should NOT come as a surprise. You have all gifts of energy leverage, clairvoyance, telepathy etc. Over time, the human race was so dumbed down, that people have become lost, confused, desperate, and, alone.

It is worse for the twin pairs, because we hold the initial blueprint of the Divine Love plan that lives within us, hence the search for OURSELVES, which is actually our twin flame.

Now, there are many people who will feel that they have met their genuine twin flame, however it can be a false flame (karmic partner) and due to the nature of the EMOTIONAL WORK that is required from you to ascend higher, an abusive relationship.

If someone is mistreating you, saying horrible things to you, neglecting and abandoning you; that is NOT your twin flame. Plain and simple.

I personally went through many abusive relationships. I freed myself into genuine Love. Many people just want their twin to demonstrate love towards them, however if your twin is YOU (he/she is), then what should you be focusing on in order to elevate yourself to that level.

Often times, we always seem to think we have done or said something we shouldn’t have, that our twin does not want to correspond with us. Whilst that may be the case, more times than likely your twin has their own challenges to deal with.

Think of all the times that your twin has annoyed you or triggered you. Frankly, that is their job. It is their job to dig up EVERYTHING that is still latent inside of you to clear the stuff up. Their job is to make you so uncomfortable that you keep digging into the pain inside of you, to clear it all up.

When all of it begins to shift and clear, it helps your causal body.

Your causal body is where you MANIFEST your dream reality and bring it into the real world. Your twin avoids you for the same reason that you may be avoiding them. It hurts. You are the 2 halves of the same energetic body. Twins often have a lot of past life karma that can be healed through clicking this link and as the karma.