When we often discover certain relationship or love ideas… people can talk about the very same specific thing, but it can be interpreted in many different ways. This is quite true when it comes to the world of soul mates, and another new age movement that is often referred to as Twin Flames.

The important thing to keep in mind is that ultimately you will have the final say as to how you want to process such concepts of love, romance, and connections. When someone describes to you what a soul mate is, it might not necessarily illustrate and feel like it’s your own personal version of soulmates. You will develop your own interpretation and vision of what it means.

Making those personal connections within the world of inner energy is something I have strived for, and continue learning, and sharing ideas with others — all in the hopes that people will take action, and develop their own unique ideas, and apply them to the real world, and into the world of their own personal energy.

Various differentiating concepts within Twin Flames can have traits within the realms of The Chakras, Zen concepts, and even more esoteric beliefs in various universal tales of deities.

Personally, I believe that the most important thing is to connect with what you find to be the most useful, resourceful process, in a way that brings forth progress, and true change within your own life. I often loosely refer to this as “inner energy, light, and healing.”

When it comes to the world of soul mates, and twin flames, and what the differences are…

I believe that ultimately the difference is your own unique process and the energy you create.

Soul mates, for the most part, is the idea that you share a soul with someone else. That you were meant to be with this person in this lifetime, and therefore that person is the other half of your soul, and he or she completes you. If that works for you - then great. It’s a wonderful idea that often is quite romantic and feel good… sort of in a Hollywood movie kinda way, and with a happy ending.

I like the idea… if it works. But more often than not, it’s quite pragmatic, and doesn’t really show you what you need to do — beyond what is often illustrated as loving energy towards another person that is your soul mate.

Twin flames can vary in ideas, from the esoteric horoscope type tellings, to it’s obscure history, to more of a newer vibrational connection process. I like to believe in the latter.

My own personal belief is that we all start with a blank canvas. What you decide to paint within that canvas is entirely up to you… yet we do have certain characteristics, thoughts, emotions, and energies, that will greatly encourage us, and give us vision as to what kind of painting we should paint.

I am personally fascinated by breaking down things into processes - within the most important things in my life, which often include the top three themes of: wealth, health, and relationships.

It’s all a trial an error.

My Twin Flame process for me is one that recognizes that we are all creatures of habit, but more deeply we are creatures of natural ego. We tend to paint pictures within our mind’s eye that we wish to come true, yet those pictures are so much laced in fantasy that quite often, it is us that stand in a way from painting that picture that we dream of, and bringing it to reality.

Contrary to Soul Mates where we just allow dreams to sift through in the hopes that some of them will stay, and that we just magically connect with our soul mate (because it’s meant to be), within Twin Flames, my perspective is that it is all a work in progress. And yes, one in which we should not allow our ego to dream to the point that it can not take action to paint what we dream about.

Bringing your energy to “the conscious moment of now” while reflecting in the many many years past, while planning for the future, is all a fine balance. One that is necessary within the world of Twin Flames in order to evoke a process that goes beyond our ego, our pragmatic habits, and the happy Hollywood ending.

In order to paint our very own Twin Flame painting, we use a process that deals with “vibrational synchronicity” — which are just fancy words that means that we strive to be on the same energy wavelength as our twin flame, but just as importantly, we want to connect the past, present, and future into being unique energy that we hold within ourselves.

This energy is then used in what Twin Flames call “ascension” from the 3D daily life that we live, into spiritual universe energy level of 5D. Again, this terminology helps us describe the inner energy process, the journey that we embark upon. And at the core of that, is a process in which we become aware of our ego self, and use that awareness to bring light and healing within ourselves first. When we heal ourselves and prosper… our twin flame, wherever that person might be - those feelings of energy will also vibrate within them, and help that person along within their own journey, which will ultimately bring a connecting between the two of us.

Sometimes that person will find light, heal, and prosper, sometimes I might find light, heal, and prosper, but ultimately that will all lead both of us in finding light, healing, and prospering in one Twin Flame union.

We might not be with this person, our Twin Flame, currently, or even within this lifetime, but that vibrational energy is one that we will feel within each other, and makes us aware that we are part of something bigger within the universe… and much bigger than sharing a soul with someone else, as soul mates often believe. We believe we are two souls connecting together, and emerging our inner energy to become a union of Twin Flames.

My journey into healing and light, for myself and others continues.
Christian Cee