Twin Flames are somewhat of a mystery to anyone who hasn't really experienced the full enriching experience of meeting your twin and then having the torturous pain of having them run away from you. In the TF setting, one partner will always be the runner and the other one is left wondering what has happened, what they have said or somewhat of the sort. If you have recently met your twin and you're wondering why they have ran, rest assured it is absolutely nothing to do with how you have behaved, much less what you have done or said.

The intensity of a Twin soul bond connection is 100% Karmic and comes back in this life for us to be able to complete the union. Except, sometimes the “lesser evolved” twin doesn't always make this connection and leaves the other twin in an excruciating amount of pain! TF love transcends the normal “true love” thing that we choose to encounter because it emanates straight from the soul and it cannot be changed. It is like a highly charged magnet and the feelings are so overwhelming and intense for the runner twin, that they can disappear for years, desperately trying to regain some sort of composure in their life of what has just happened.

Running of a twin flame is often manifested in “I don't want a relationship”, “I am not looking for a relationship” or sentences of the sort. Logically, they are fighting a losing battle because their soul already knows that what it has seen, cannot be unseen! Unless the runner twin chooses to address the fact that they are indeed running away and not justify it with a silly excuse, twin flame connections although the most rewarding when they are done correctly, can often bring about the most pain.

One of the most challenging things about meeting your twin flame is that it will be a dynamic fraught with immense challenges. You might be the conscious aware one and your partner may be the runner. Or, it can even be vice versa. It is reported that some people feel so much pain that they go to the hospital, absolutely certain that they are about to have a heart attack, only to find nothing is wrong. What has happened is the fact that because twin flames are often connected very deeply through their heart chakra, it can often mean a pull or a tear in the other twin, directly affects the conscious one. A lot of runner twins use things like cigarettes, gambling, alcohol and promiscuity to avoid coming to terms with what they are feeling. It is much harder to be able to actually sit with very overwhelming feelings and process them, as opposed to simply numbing and blocking them out.

The best instance in this situation, is to actually leave your twin flame to their own devices for as long as they need. Perhaps you will never be in a relationship with them, but one thing is for sure—you will always be a part of each other's lives because no one can steal your soul bond away from you. Even if at the moment they play the role of your twin flame runner.