One of the recurring issues that I see with a lot of people who wish to connect with their twin flame, is that after their twin becomes a twin flame runner - they resent the runner so much that they do everything to burn down all bridges, and any chance of having an amicable relationship. Too many times I hear the story “I unfriended him on facebook” Or “I told him he was a piece of trash.”

And well… where do I begin?

A twin flame relationship is not like in the movies. Just as in most relationships, if you tell someone off in real life, or even if you give them an ultimatum… most of the time people will decide to go away… hence them being a “twin flame runner.”

Now, I know this might be stinging words to some people, but I say this with the hope that you see things from various perspectives. Don’t lose hope because there is some form of an absolution. Afterall, the title of this article is…

Your twin flame will never return unless you do this one thing.

So what is this one thing you must do?

Be patient.

We are so used to wanting things right here, right now, that we lose sight of the overall picture and process - a spiritual process that we are a part of, and that is a part of us. In the universal scheme of things a lifetime is but a mere water drop in a river.

Before expanding more and explaining how we fit through a paradigm of time that includes our twin flame, first, let me elaborate on “being patient.”

Being patient are mere words unless you practice them. This means you have to develop a process that you feel is right for you, one that inspires you to move out of your comfort zone, and continue to develop and grow your inner self, and your daily lifestyle.

Being patient does not mean you sit around waiting. To the contrary, it means that you become active in developing growth, primarily with your health and fitness, mental, spiritual, and yes, even financial. All these parts play an important part in who you are and who you are becoming.

You cannot become someone your twin flame admires by feeling like you are a victim or feeling you cannot do this.

Work on yourself and find other people that gravitate towards you. Find ten people that gravitate towards you and like you in whatever general manner that might be. Find ways by which you inspire yourself, and even feel love and devotion to yourself - because this means you are generating Ascension within yourself… who on a spiritual realm - you are your true twin flame.

Perhaps you read something similar before but don’t feel that these words are just repetitive to something you already know. Just like someone plays piano, guitar, or hones their skills at a particular hobby, generating this inner energy takes practice and repetition of skill - and always having a perspective of keeping things fresh, brand new. And having said that…

Now, here is how being patient and time works together…

When you allow people to make their own choice, whether they want to run or stay, and you are completely okay with it, you don’t lose power, and you don’t become a victim. Simply allow them to go, and yes, even forget about you if they do so wish.

Realize that there are “connections” at play within time and the universe. This simply means that what is meant to be - will happen… but only if you don’t burn that bridge down. In the near future, your twin will just prance across that bridge again… but only if there is a bridge and if you haven’t burnt it down.

So don’t react to whatever they throw your way. Simply accept it and move on, because you are on a path of clarity and ascension. Through time - people change, their emotions change, and their perspective change.

I came to this discovery out of all the relationships and friendships I’ve had in the past. It seems that even when people left with no clear reason or motive… if I just didn’t react to them doing so, sooner or later we would cross paths again. I didn’t get mad or blamed them or told them off. It seems that when I simply was indifferent to the outcome - down the line they simply reappeared again and were more open to connecting. Perhaps this was because they saw me as not being reactive, and allow them to gravitate to whatever direction they wanted to go.

And of course there were relationships in which I crossed paths with the person again but I did not want to connect with them again, but there was that option if I so wanted. It was an option. And it’s good to have options.

We all have options on how we are going to act and react. Sometimes being patient within due time can be our biggest weapon. I hope you get what I am saying. I am sure you have your own views on this. Save this article somewhere. Through time you might come back to it and your perspective on these ideas and techniques might change… but nonetheless, it is you who has created these thoughts and these decisions on your own journey.

Allow your inner light to shine on your path.

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